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More fossils in the floor

Last year, I wrote about how I like to look for fossils in church floors when I'm in Venice. This past December, I found this very unique double fossil in the floor of the church of Santa Maria Formosa! Kinda reminds me of a mother and child.

Santa Maria Formosa

Speaking of church floors, here's a scan of a postcard that shows a few details from the floor of Basilica di San Marco. I've seen aerial photos of the Basilica's floors and they are so amazing, but unfortunately much of that floor is covered with protective mats. I'd love to see more of it.

BSM floors

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Very beautiful. We had a very quick "tour" of San Marco last year. I don't even remember the floors. Three days was definitely too short for Venice, but what can I say, my heart is in Rome.

I have to admit that I've never thought to look for fossils in church floors. But I promise I'll be looking down from now on.


Annie, I love the fossils! They remind me of mother and child too. I'm wondering if some of the mats at San Marco were rolled away when Maria and I attended Mass there. I was too busy gazing up at the ceilings to remember for sure, but I recall noticing how uneven the floor was and how our chairs were a little unstable!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, I remember that cool post you did about the fossils. Great photo of the fossil in the church of Santa Maria Formosa. It does look like a mother and child. So interesting. And the floors of San Marco Basilica is amazing.

Goes to show that in Venice I really have to pay attention to everything because there is so much beauty and interesting details all over. Great post Annie! Have a great day and thank you.

That is soo cool - I'll be more thorough in my observations when I'm in Venice again!

I always forget about the floors too! I am always too busy gawking at the walls, ceiling, paintings, sculptures, windows, etc. I need to remind myself when I am in a church to take a look at the floor and only sometimes succeed. Beautiful floor! I am definitely going to look down next time I am there just in case they roll up the mats.


Annie, your double fossil photo is wonderful! I can see the mother and child!

Did you happen to see today's New York Times piece on frugal travel in Venice? The reporter emphasized how much he loved visiting in off-season when there are few crowds -- making it much easier to enjoy the magnificence in San Marco, including the often-covered floors!


Sandra, yes that is such a great article. I love going to Venice in winter for many of the same reasons he wrote about. I was impressed that he and his wife made the trip with such a tiny baby!

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