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Shrines on Burano

I ended up spending so much time on the island of Torcello that by the time I got to Burano, there was only about an hour of daylight left. So I skipped all the shops and went on a speed walk looking for shrines to photograph before it got dark.

I recognized this one because I'd seen a photo of it in Trekcapri's Venice Rediscovered , a wonderful report from her 2007 trip to Venice. I was happy to find it because it's such an unique and photogenic shrine!



This one is tucked inside a little sotoportego. While I love shrines with these little "eternal flame" lights, they aren't easy to photograph especially when they are in a dark place. Sometimes I wish I had one of those "click on, click off" light thingys like Dumbledore had.


This one is on the side of Burano's one church, San Martino. This church has one of the many leaning towers in Venice although it looked like it had been straightened a bit since the last time I went to Burano. It's still tilting but not quite as much.


And this one is on the side of a restaurant, close to the main drag with all the shops.


While looking for shrines, I also found a large colony of cats! I'll post photos of them later.

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Comments (15)

Wonderful photos, Annie.
I love these shrines.


Annie, I know this is sacreligious, but looking at the top shrine it just popped into my head: do you suppose Mary and the Baby Jesus are shouting "Ole!"

I do love your shrine photos, and I'm looking forward to seeing the cats!

Lovely photos! The first two almost look 3-Dish. Very cool!!

Candi and Girasoli, thanks.

Sandra, that's hilarious (and it's exactly what it looks like)! :)

Barb Cabot:

I think Burano is such a fascinating place. I never really noticed on my one short visit there all the shrines but I thought all those covered open doors and colorful walls made it a very special place to photograph. Seems so unreal and as though time is standing still in many ways.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, wow thanks for mentioning my Venice trip report.

Sandra, that does look like an Ole' to me too. :)
Wonderful photos Annie. I love looking at all of your shrine photos and I also enjoy reading where you find them too. Always interesting.

I can't wait to see your cat photos! Have a great day tomorrow Annie!

Yes, the shops there aren't my scene... altough I did get my amethyst pashmina there in 06.

Annie - a perfect post to remind folks of what they can find when they travel more deeply and slowly. Thanks for the reminder.

Love the photos, Annie! The second one looks familiar; I think I have a shot of that one from across the canal. Can't wait to see your cat photos!

LOL at Sandra's comment.


Like Barb, our trip there was rather short, just day-trippin' at the time - I would never have thought to look at what you did and have photographed so beautifully.

Gorgeous! I especially like number 3, it is so pretty. You have an amazing eye for discovering hidden treasures in Venice!! This will be a fun month for us, your readers!

A: I so much enjoy your photos and blog. It seems as if I am touring Venice all the time. Gratia!

I've never been to Burano.


I love your photos! We missed out on Burano (and Murano) because there was a boat strike the day we were going to go. Good excuse for a return trip?


I loved Burano, so did Dave and the girls! We wandered off the main drag too, and spent a while lying in the grass in a little park, listening to the water of the lagoon washing the shore. Gorgeous photos, and very unique, as always - olè!!


(Left this on Sandra's blog after seeing your comment there about her Olè, but thought would share with you too)

Annie & Sandra, you both would likely get a kick of what I saw yesterday in Freak Lunchbox (that is a local candyshop). A "glowing hands Jesus action figure"...too funny!!! Valerie said not to tell her husband because he'd have to go buy it! (He's an Anglican priest and loves such things - the more irreverent and sacreligious the better!)

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