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Weekend Update

It's still winter here in North Carolina as you can tell from all the bare branches on the oak trees in my yard:

winter sky

BUT...today was a beautiful 70 degree February day. I actually worked in the yard for a while (I moved my compost bin from the side yard to the back), and I saw some signs of spring (daffodil buds!):


I love living in a place with four seasons even though the summers here in NC are brutal (heat, humidity, BUGS!). But it's all a trade off, I guess, and the three seasons I love make it all worth while.

Here's what else I did this weekend: vacuumed my house, PhotoHunted, got my hair cut, watched the UNC Tar Heels beat the University of Virginia, went out to eat seafood at a great local Greek restaurant, and then watched the latest Woody Allen movie (Vicky Cristina Barcelona) and started thinking that I REALLY need to go to Spain.

Then watched a documentary about Enron (my boyfriend's choice, not mine, and it made my blood BOIL and made me even more grateful that Obama is our president because it so clearly showed how the so-called "right" have done everything they can to run this country into the ground), slept, grocery shopped, played with the cats, checked out Slow Talk and my fellow Slow Travel bloggers, made dinner and lunch to take to work on Monday, watched the 60 Minutes story about "The Miracle on the Hudson River" (yay for the good guys!), and now I'm doing my Sunday post.

Hope everyone else has had a great weekend. I'm really enjoying reading all the posts from our February blogging challenge.

(The title of this post (Weekend Update) makes me think about Chevy Chase and the classic days of SNL!)

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Comments (15)

Puh you did a lot of stuff this weekend! I watched that movie and it made my blood boil too.

Chiocciola, thank you. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who was horrified by that sad story of ignorant low-rent stupid greed.

Annie, you did a lot.
I too got a haircut,and watched 60 minutes. Wasn't that amazing? Other than that,I had to work.(yikes). And I would take 70 any day.

Beautiful photo of the trees. The 70 degree day sounds wonderful.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, dang you did a lot this weekend. All I did was play :) I didn't accomplish a quarter of what you did! Kudos to you!

Really beautiful photos! I think the season changes are cool too, which is something we don't get here in California.

I've been enjoying reading everyone's blogs also. Learning so much more about everyone and it is so cool!

Enjoy your day today Annie!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, I can't remember if I said this, but I definitely think you should visit Spain! I need to add Vicky Barcelona to my Netflix queue. I can't believe I haven't seen it yet. Have a great day!

Thanks Candi and Cindy Ruth.

Kathy, I really enjoyed the movie. Barcelona is so beautiful! Glad you had a good weekend too!


Nice to be able to check up on what y'all did this weekend while we sat and made goo-goo eyes at that baby. Whoo, you were busy.


I'm afraid to watch that movie or I'll be jonesin' too bad to go to Barcelona.

I was exhausted after reading everything you did this weekend! Very productive weekend :) I was on drugs - migraine meds that is for a killer migraine that keeps coming back so I was low key and lazy due to the side effects.

I need to see both of those movies. I thought of the SNL weekend update also when I first read the title of your post :)


I'm jealous:-) Can't wait to play in the dirt again -- beginning to plan what I am going to plant this year - maybe trying a few veges. Have always been a rose and cut flower gardener - last year tried herbs and loved it .. Want to see VB too! Isn't college basketball the best! - besides the Red Sox, of course. M

Marcia, making goo goo eyes at a new grandson is about as wonderful as it gets.

Jan, it's really a great movie but it did get me jonesin a bit!

Girasoli, sorry you weren't feeling well. Hope the meds have kicked in and you're feeling better.

Menehune, I grow a lot of herbs too. And tomatoes. And yes, college hoops is my fave!


Hi Annie, I absolute loved Vicky Christina Barcelona (wasn't Penelope Cruz wild?!) I saw it when it came out in theatres and now want to rent it. It also made me really, really want to see Barcelona!

Was the Enron doc The Smartest Guys in the Room? I've wanted to see that, altho I'm sure it's maddening to see the extent of the fraud. And sadly, no one(in authority, that is) seems to have learned much from the case.

Sounds like you had quite the weekend -- and your daffodils are going to be gorgeous!

Hi Sandra, yes she was so wild! I loved her! And the architecture in Barcelona is just so breath-taking. Woody Allen did a good job of making it seem that you can experience "la dolce vita" in Spain too. I really enjoyed the movie.

Yes, it was The Smartest Guys in the Room. Very well done documentary, but take your blood pressure meds before you watch it!


Annie, I adore that first photo! The light is luminous and love the contrast of the trees against the blue sky. I have wanted to visit Spain since I read The Drifters as a teenager!

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