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A Photo Quiz for Venice lovers

The creator of the beautiful A Lover of Venice website has just posted a new page: Let's Play (a Venice game).

The game consists of twenty photos to identify and let me say, it's very challenging. But fun!

Right now, I know twelve of them and am still trying to figure out the other eight. I didn't know all of them right off the bat, I had to do some research. Some helpful hints: a few of the answers can be found on other pages of the ALoV website (check out the "Cast in Stone" page, and also "Hidden Corners" and the sestiere pages linked at the bottom). Two of the answers are somewhere on my blog.

Question #15 is driving me crazy. I know that spot, I've been there, and I just can't place where it is!

ALoV will post the answers on March 25, and there may be more questions coming later on this year.

In other Venice news, Carnivale is happening right now (February 13 - 23) and it might be a good time to keep an eye on the Piazza San Marco webcam (it's not working today but hopefully it will come back on soon).

Venice Daily Photo is posting some scenes from the celebrations too.

I thought of SandraC and her aversion to clowns when I saw this art exhibit on the Carnivale website:

A major exhibition of internationally renowned artists who have chosen to portray the noble circus art of the clown.

The noble art?!

Shannon posted an interesting article on Slow Talk, Venetians take Carnivale Back to the Streets, and Colleen posted "Top Ten Budget Eats in Venice." The only one of the ten that I've been to is Al Nono Risorto, a very hip pizzeria in Santa Croce - it's a great place. Several of the others sound pretty good.

The Dalai Lama was in Venice last week and was made an honorary citizen. A couple of YouTubes are here; it looks like quite a crowd turned out to welcome him. Pretty cool.

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Fanastico! Fortunately, I need to return to Venice - pronto! M


Wow -- that's a very, very challenging (and very, very beautiful) quiz! Well done, Annie, to have scored so high.

I'm going try harder to get a few right before the answers are revealed (altho I'm really curious to know where so many of the spots are!)

The idea of the clown exhibition is truly horrific. I hope and pray I don't accidently come across any photos from that!

Great link to the Dalai Lama story, and congrats to Venice for making him an honourary citizen. I interviewed the Dalai Lama a few years ago, and it's a cherished memory.

Menehune, I like the explanations on the scoring system. Pretty cool to get "sent" back to Venice post haste!

Sandra, I had to laugh when I saw that clown "art" exhibit on that site. I knew it would send you over the edge. :)

And I'd love to know more about your interview with the Dalai Lama if you feel like blogging about it. How very cool to get to meet him! A friend of mine was on an airplane with him one time and he said that he was very moved and got good vibes just being close to him.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, great post! I must say that I am the Luckiest 0-5! :)

I thought that was really cool that the Dalai Lama visited Venice. And it was pretty cool watching the YouTube video. Seems like the Venetians really welcomed him.

Thanks for the reminder of the Carnivale, I'll have to keep my eye on that webcam. I enjoyed watching it daily before my trip in 2007. Very addicting.

Thanks for all these great links and information. I'm going to try that quiz again after I do more research. I'm sure you'll get the answer to # 15 soon too!

Have a great evening Annie!


Thanks Annie, what a great virtual stroll through a beautiful city! I "must immediately return to Venice". No doubt, you could be my tour guide!

Great post. I am going to have to spend a lot more time In Venice before I get a 'passing' grade on that quiz!


I WANT to visit Venice. Sadly I still have yet to do that. :(

Wow Annie. Great job on your score. I have only been to Venice once, so I am not sure I know many of these. I took a quick glance, and I only recognized the photo of the youngest bridge( that shall remain nameless). I would like to try to tackle some more.

The only answer I know for sure is number 7. Number 6 seems to familiar and I remember reading the name of the new bridge for number 5 but can't think of it now. I guess that is good news though... that makes me the luckiest! Cool blog. I added it to my list of links after seeing it a few weeks ago on your blog. I have also been following Venice Daily Photo thought Google Reader. I am glad Pierre is posting daily again.


Hey Annie, you are "signature" #1 on my petition!!! :)


I know better than to try doing this one, but what a great idea - perhaps I just need more time in Venice?

Marcia, I think we all need more time in Venice! :)

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