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Corte del Forno Vechio


A cool little shrine/chapel/oratory in a corte in San Marco. Built in 1815 and dedicated to Beata Vergina Assunta, it even has a bell on top.


One of my books says that this is an oratory (which would make it more "official" than a shrine) but it's not listed on the Patriarch of Venice website which does list other oratories. I don't know what it is, really, and its door was locked. Maybe it's someone's private chapel?

Someone is definitely taking care of it. This photo is funky but you can see that it's got a Madonna, some angels and flowers and lace, and a prayer bench inside.


Nice vera da pozzo in the corte too.



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Annie, that really is a lovely little shrine. And it appears to be so well-kept, I wonder if it is private?

The buildings around it look very nice as well. Wouldn't it be cool to have a little apartment (with its own shrine, of course) in Venice?


Nice pictures - I think we will have to follow your notes when we get back to Venice (I like to think "when" rather than "if" but . . .).

G'day - coming in to say Hi! Been flat out at work for five weeks, that's one eighth of the school year done already, thank God.

Am on a four day weekend now, so am having a rest.

Loved the red cardinal. My cats are at the window now watching the big currawongs eating the fruit off the magnolia tree right outside the window.

Sandra, it really is a pretty little courtyard. I'd love to know the story and who uses this shrine. And you know, I can say in all honesty that as much as I love Venice, I have no interest whatsoever in owning any real estate there. I have enough hassles dealing with repairwork on my own old house (which is very very young by Venetian standards!).

Marcia, keep thinking "when"!

Hi Leslie, good to hear from you. So your cats watch Cat TV too? I'm going to have to google "currawongs" but I'm guessing it's an Australian bird. Enjoy your long weekend!


Annie, those are beautiful pictures. I would also love to know the story behind that Shrine. Venice is high up on my places to revisit. We only spent a few days there, but I thought that it was magical.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, that's a really cool looking shrine and I really like the cute little bell on the top! I love the colors in that courtyard and that really cool vera de pozzo with the plants on top. There's a lot of really nice plants in this courtyard that makes it look so inviting!

I enjoyed this post and all of your photos Annie. Thank you so much for sharing your cool discoveries. Have a great evening!

Beautiful shrine! I absolutely love the color of the building, too.

Sheri, I hope that you can return to magical Venice soon!

Kathy, thanks! You're right, some very nice plants in that corte (and it was December!).

Chiocciola, I love that salmon color too. Hope you have a great weekend!

Wow, Annie! Beautiful shrine. I love your photos.

Candi, thanks! Shrines are one of my favorite things to find and photograph. This one is kinda elegant; I've got some funky ones I'll be posting soon. :)

Lovely shrine and I love the very cute little bell! I also think it is someone’s private little chapel.

Cool vera da pozzo. I saw a few that were topped with plants. There was one in front of "my" apartment that had foliage. I'll get to post the photos soon.

Maria, I'm looking forward to seeing your Venice photos!


I'm looking forward to Maria's Venice photos too! ;) Just occurred to me that I haven't yet posted my own photos on ST yet...ooops!

From "I Capiteli di Venezia" via Google Translate:

Oratory built by John Bollani in 1815 on the ruins of previous work. Inside, above the altar, you can admire beautiful capital of polychrome marble with canvas of good quality.
And 'protected by sturdy gate with two doors and wrought-iron from iron upper bezel
reminiscent AM 1832
perhaps the date of a restoration.
And 'the private chapel of the Banca Cattolica del Veneto.

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