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I only learned about Orbs recently, maybe because I just got my first digital camera last year. A quick google search showed lots of Orb discussion and photos out there on the web, with people divided into two camps: those with the rational “reflection off a dust particle” explanation, and then the mystical camp (people who believe that an orb is an angel or other being from the spirit world).

Now, I don’t know what they are but it’s surely more romantic and exciting to think that they are angels. I do believe that there are unseen benevolent beings around us, and I like the idea that they might pop up in our photos from time to time. And they show up so rarely in my photos that I pay attention when they do.

So anyway, I came home from Venice last winter with two orb sightings in my photos, both of them shrines.


shrine with orbs

Another orb popped up in a photo of Maria the kitten (see second photo – there’s a little orb right next to her head). She needs a guardian angel, so that's good!

I was so fascinated to see lots of orbs in BGE’s photos of the labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral in France.

And then I saw this photo of Obama , taken at the Democratic Convention, in the New York Times. Wow, that’s the biggest orb ever. I like to think that he has divine protection around him.

Then a friend emailed this link to photos of thousands of Orbs over the crowd at Grant Park the night that Obama won the election. Very cool.

Has anyone else found orbs in your photos? What do you think about them?

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We were introduced to the orb concept in Savannah last spring - I think David and I are in both camps, he being the scientist and me being the, well, you get it.

Frankly, I never knew about orbs until last year when a few STers were posting photos of Savannah and pointing out the orbs. I haven't seen orbs in my photos but I wasn't looking for them either. I'll go check now for orbs and I'm hoping to find at least one (I would be very disappointed if my photos were completely orbless.) BTW, I'm with the mystical camp.


This is so interesting.. my friend from GA is checking her photos ...http://deborahwilson.blogspot.com/

I know I have some orbs, but always thought the sun did something funny to the photo...

I'm going back to look at some of mine again...LOL


I have never heard of orbs. Very interesting. I'll have to look over some of my photos.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, great post! It's interesting to see examples of the Orbs in your photos from Venice. And how neat that they are near these amazing shrines. Kind of gives way to the second camp. I was amazed at the clusters that are in Brenda's photo. And how cute that little Maria has a little orb by her (I had to LOL at your comment), and it is also cool that there was that large orb in Obama's photo. So interesting!

I can now say that I have an Orb in my photos after it was pointed out to me by someone who was more observant than me. I hadn't noticed them!

It would be cool to think of them as angels. Very interesting post Annie! Thank you so much.


I loved your post! I hope Obama does have all of those orbs around him - he is going to need their help.

Now to go look at some of my travel photos . . .


Very interesting post, Annie. I'll have to look at my photos to see if there are any orbs. I've had a digital camera for only about a year, so I don't have many photos to look at....

The orbs discussion reminds of an interesting debate going on right now over a new book written by Canadian journalist John Geiger called The Third Man Factor. In it, he looks at the real experiences of people who -- at the edge of death -- experience a powerful sense that some incorporeal being (ie the third man) is beside them and which encourages them to make one final effort to survive. A guardian angel, I suppose. Geiger looks most often at cases involving adventurers or explorers, but also 9-11 survivors and prisoners of war have reported the same experience. Fascinating idea.

Barb Cabot:

Annie, I love this post..it's fascinating and I like to believe that they are of a spiritual nature. I do believe in angels and especially the concept of a guardian angel. I know I have one. I remember first hearing of orbs in Savannah and we found quite a few in that haunted city. Fun post Annie.

I found a few orbs on nighttime photos I took at the Forum in Rome. I'm still hoping to find them in my Venice photos.

Are they only visible on photos taken with a digital camera?

Thanks for all the interesting comments everyone! Sounds like lots of you are searching for orbs now - let me know if you find any.

Maria, I'm glad that you are not "orbless"! For some reason, I think they are strictly a digital camera thing but I'm not really postive about that.

I bet alot of people delete their orb photos because they think they are messed up.

Kathy, after I said that about Maria needing a guardian angel, I realized that she already has several - my brother and nephews who rescued her out of the highway!

Sandra, I hadn't heard of "The Third Man Factor" and it sounds fascinating. I'm going to google it now.

Very interesting that so many orbs showed up in you guys' Savannah photos last year!

It is very interesting,Annie. I only heard about them recently from Brenda(BGE) and her trip to Savannah last year. Then i started noticing them in some of my photos. I tool don't know what they are, but I like to believe they are angels:smile

Candi, it's funny because I don't think I noticed them at first until I "learned" about them!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, so true! Little Maria (and Lulu) have several special Guardian Angels! Have a great weekend!

I also am new to the Orbs thing. I remember Brenda talking about it and maybe a slow travel thread on Orbs.

I probably have dumped pictures with Orbs in them in the past thinking they were bad photos. Fortunately I still have one really cool photo. I saved it because of the beautiful church and memories of the night. I thought about trying to fix it up with photoshop but fortunately never got around to it. I am going to post it tomorrow along with a video clip of a news segment shown last night about Orbs in Hawaii.

Cool post! Love the photos!

I had never heard of orbs either! Now I have to go through my photos and see if I can find some. I love your first orb photo, very mystical!

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