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PhotoHunt: Four


This week's theme is "Four."

This theme had me stumped and I wasn't sure I had anything, but when I started looking, I found some easily. In fact, I found Four photos for the Four theme! It's a very random assortment.

Four birds on the beach


Four balls in a window

012 (2)

Four slats on a fence


A four-leaf clover that my nephew found


It's March Madness now for hoops fans, and I did think about how I hope that my Tar Heel basketball team will be playing in the "Final Four" in a few weeks, but I don't have a photo for that yet. But anyway, Go Heels!

You can find more Photo Hunters and join the hunt here.

Have a great weekend everyone and Happy PhotoHunting!

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Annie: It's a delightful assortment - especially the 4-leaf clover! Menehune

Great take on the theme. All four are perfect. The lighting of the four birds on the beach is fantastic. I hope you have a great weekend.


These are all great! I like the four-leaf clover best :)

Happy photo hunting, and thank you for your visit :)


Wonderful shots!! love all four of them. I can imagine the first and the third one decorating walls...the second is such a happy sight and the last one is simply cute!

Happy hunting and happy weekend!

Oh you have been very productive with the theme this week. And all are delightful.

I could not think of anything else but a four-poster bed and luckily I have a photo in my archives.

See you next week. Enjoy the weekend.


Loved all those fours.... the bird photo especially and the four leaf clover... I'm still trying to find something... might have to go stage four raggedy ann's..*sigh

Love your highly varied four photos! Your nephew's photo is so cute and the one with the balls is so colorful. What was the purpose of placing them in the store window? Happy weekend!


Maria, I don't know about the balls in the window. It's a shipping/mailing place so I guess the balls are there just because they look cool (it's not a ball store!).

Have a great weekend! Annie


Don't forget the four shadows cast by the four slats in the fence either!

Really love the birds on the beach!

Great photos,Annie. How neat four for four.

All four are great photos.
I love the one with the 4-leaf clover.

Ohh, That's so nice. I love the birds on the beach and colors of the balls in the window.
Happy weekend!

Love your "four" pics! I've sat down in all three cafes, but Lavena was the one I discovered first, back at the end of December in 85...


they're all lovely but the first one is perfect!


Wow! You did an amazing job!

what a great take on the theme, great photos

Nice 4s you've got here! The 4 leaf clover looks lovely :)

oooo I enjoy your choices. I like the first one the best, I think. fun!

happy weekend!

Wow you are clever too nicely pick good job. happy weekend. TC


Yep, I was just about ready to go stage my photo with four raggedies... and then I saw the old yucca picture... all those old yucca plants were cut out of that corner last fall...starting over.. it will be a few years before we have yucca blooms again...

All four photos are quite beautiful! And I've spent hours and maybe days of my life looking for four-leaf clovers and never once found one!

That 4-leaf clover must have been the reason why you found so many great photos for this week! :)

nice compositions. A 4-leaf clover is supposed to be rare?


Hi Stan, yes they are supposed to rare (most have only three leaves), and it's supposed to be good luck to find one! Thanks for visiting and for your comment. Annie

i love this pic the most..it is fabulous..you have done well..i refer to ->Four birds on the beach


Great pics! Have to say that I thought the four-leaf clover was something mythical until I saw your photo of it. Still, reckon it's your first photo that takes the cake -- it's so beautiful. :)

i love the colorful giant balls!

Lovely shots. I love the bird shot.


All great photos - I love the first one. Amazing shot!!

Happy weekend.

Wonderful shots all. I think my fav was the birds on the beach until I saw the fence shadow. That shot rocks the theme! Thanks for sharing!

Good eye! I love the first one!

I played too :)

I'm bopping myself on the head over that four-leafed clover. It is St. Pat's day week, afterall!
Great shots.


How cool! 4-leaf clover!

I love the shadow cast by the 4 fence slats!

Great collection on the theme.


Amazing what's around us if we only look...or I guess I should say if we only see. Photography is such a great vehicle for opening us up!

Great choices for 'four'. You will recognize mine!

Oh! All stunning, all of them! I think I like the third one because it reminds me of spring. But great job on all! wow!
I moved my Photo Hunters to my new photo blog. Please visit if you can!


Have a great weekend!

Wonderful selection. I really think the first one is outstanding. The light and the silhouette of the 4 birds. It would make a great desktop.

nice photos for this week them, can I have the balance fit ball LOL I have one of that at home for my daily use to do some exerice.

Here's mine for this week.


Great shots - I am shocked that there isn't a Venice one amongst them though. LOL

Annie, these are all so cool! Amazing to find 4 balls in the window. Great angle. Every time I look at these photos, I am drawn to that shot. Even so, the first shot of the birds is my favorite. Beautiful lighting. Great take on this week's theme.


Super photos!

Love them... cool that you even included the 4 leaf clover.. fits the theme and the season...

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, awesome collection of photos for this week's theme! I love all of them in their own unique and colorful way!

Hopefully, you'll have a "final four" photo soon! Go Heels!

Have a great evening Annie!

i just love the bird pic, beautiful!hey, your nephew is one lucky guy finding that four-leaf clover:) haven't seen one in my life, actually.

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