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PhotoHunt: Hands


This week's theme is "Hands."

A large street mural on a building in downtown Durham, NC. I don't know who the artist is but there are lots of hands (and hand holding) in the painting.


A sweet little painting and message on the back of the car that belongs to North Carolina folk artist Sam "The Dot Man" McMillan.


And here's the artist Sam "The Dot Man" with his hand in his pocket. :)


You can find more Photo Hunters and join the hunt here.

Have a great weekend everyone. Happy PhotoHunting!

Another view of the mural:


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Comments (46)


Wow... you have some beautiful art work and some good suggestions about what to do with hands. Love this post! Perfect, perfect, perfect!!!


Annie, that mural is fantastic! And I love the painting on Sam's truck (his painted clothing, however, is another story......)

This was a great post for the theme. I loved all of them but that one on the truck is my favorite.


What a colorful post and pictures for the theme, love the "if we all hold hands we can't fight".

Great take on the theme, Annie. Beautiful art work there.

I like the first shot.

My entry for PH post this week: in HERE. I hope that you can stop by as well. Thanks


Oh, I think I would like his paintings very much! What a great suit!

Beautiful and colourful artwork!
I love the painting on the truck!

A great show of hands in the art work!

We had Earth Hour at school yesterday too. :)

Have a great weekend!


Wow - all really great colorful photos! Love the first one!!

Happy Weekend.

Colorful presentation of the theme. I particularly enjoyed the mural. Have a great weekend.


Great and colorful shots for the theme!
I love the "if we all hold hands we can't fight" :)

A beautiful thought!

Have a great weekend! :)

Great shots! I love the mural. Happy weekend

I LOVE the words, "if we all hold hands we can't fight"! How appropriate, and sooo true! The mural is gorgeous too! My hunt is up, please come and visit

Wow~ That's quite a lot of hands in that painting :)


Very cool folk art and observation. And what a colorful man that artist looks to be! :D

These are such cool finds, i would have never have guess so many sculptures and paintings like this were out there!

The mural is very cool, like they painted it with the "hands" theme in mind. And the Dot Man is cool with his message. Happy hunting!

I love the mural! Really awesome. Nice take for this week's theme.

What a neat series of photos - perfect for the theme!

Thanks for visiting!

I like this colourful art! There are hands everywhere! :)

Beautiful mural! Love all the hands. Also love the painting and message on the car. Sam "The Dot Man" sure seems to like dots :) Cool art work. Great choices for the theme this week.

And WooHoo!! UNC wins tonight! I thought it was supposed to be close? They are looking good! So when is the next game? I am very happy for you :)


Hi Girasoli, my Heels looked awesome last night....woo hoo! Next game is Sunday and if they win that, they advance to the Final Four. Go Heels!

the art is so original...

What terrific hands -- and such bright colors!

Wonderful mural - certainly tons of hands!


Awesome picks there! Great take on the theme, as always!

Fantastic mural... I love the concept behind that painting. :)

These are great colorful art works :)

Happy weekend, Annie :)


What a beautiful photo of a gorgeous mural. Love all of the artwork photos.


Pretty cool! I like the art because it is so colorful.

My Photo Hunt is up! I hope you get a chance to visit me, too.
Happy weekend!

I love murals and folk art so this is perfect!!

Beautiful take on the hands theme!

Have a great weekend!

Those are great photos. They just make me smile this morning.

those are very beautiful works of art. the artist got a cool tie:) have a nice weekend! My PH entry is up too.

What great entries! I have to say the artist in his flashy clothes is the best! Very nice! Blessings.


I love it! Great artworks! Have nice weekend.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, very cool take and photo selections for this week's theme. I like the mural a lot and they look like they are holding hands there too. Love the saying on Sam's "the Dot Man's" truck. So true. Great photos!

Congrats to the Tar Heels win last night. Go Heel's! Have a great weekend too Annie!

WOW - I am impressed. You got some incredible hand shots!

Sam looks like one cool dude I'd like to get to know. Thanks for the interesting and colorful post.

These are all terrific shots for our hand theme this week. Love that mural shot - so interesting and creative. You're sure right about it containing a lot of hands.

oH TOTALLY fabulous...thanks for sharing.
Mine are up too!

Very interesting photos = vibrant mural. Good luck to the Tarheels this weekend. Menehune

Barb Cabot:

This is a perfect painting for the theme. Wonderful choice.

Great photos and artwork!!! Thanks for sharing. I've had a busy past couple of days and didn't get a PhotoHunt photo posted, so I'm glad I got to participate in seeing yours.

Beautiful and colorful mural! What an interesting guy "The Dot Man” must be. I love the art on his car and the words are just so true.

Have a great Sunday!

Great take on the theme and some beautiful art as well.

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