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Snow Day!


What a great surprise! We don't get that much snow where I live, and it's especially unusual to get any this late in the season. It rained all day yesterday and then when I went to bed, it had just turned to snow. I woke up this morning to a Winter Wonderland, and the roads are so bad that I can't go to work (yay!). I love Snow Days and we get so few of them that it's really exciting when it happens.


It was 70 degrees here last week and we've already got daffodils blooming.


Kathy (Trekcapri) asked me how my cats like the snow. Well, they are indoor cats so they don't have to go out and get cold feet but when I woke up this morning, they were both in the window checking it all out. The first thing I did was go outside and fill up the bird feeders, so both cats sat in the window watching the birds for an hour or so. Cat TV! Now LuLu is in her bed taking a nap but Maria is still sitting in the kitchen window chirping at the birds.


Little Maria in a bird-watching trance. She turned 11-months old yesterday!


Here are both of them.


The screens in my windows make it hard to take any decent bird photos but here's a cardinal eating seeds and entertaining the cats.


A photo of my nephews that my brother emailed a little while ago. Their school is closed today because of the weather, and they look pretty sad about it, ha ha!


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Crazy weather, eh? My brother sent me pictures yesterday when it was snowing in Atlanta. It looked like they got about 6". Your pictures are wonderful and I loved looking at them. Can you believe I've never been through a snowstorm?

The kitten photos are priceless! I love seeing how they are mesmerized by the outside activity. Maria has grown so much; she will always remind me of Tuxedo. I see a framed picture in the background, in LuLu's photo. Is that Rocky?

You and your nephews sound and look really sad, missing work and school. A good day for DVD watching and curling with a good book? Stay warm!

Wow Maria, you've never been in a snow storm?! That's incredible! I love snow but I can understand how it would get old if we had more of it.

Yes, that's a photo of Rocky, bless his little heart. I still miss him.

I'm going to do a few more small chores and then I plan to hit the couch with a book! This stuff isn't going to melt today and they are already warning us that the roads will be bad in the morning, so I might get another day off (or at least part of one)!

Happy Monday!

Wow Annie, my mother was saying that even in Florence,SC,they were adding salts to the roads yesterday predicting bad weather.
Crazy, eh? Snow days are fun though.
Your cats look so cute, and I would imagine they like the look of snow.
I see you use Clorox wipes too,don't you love these things?


Yay, Annie, you got your snow day! And your photos are lovely -- fresh snow is so beautiful (altho I pity that poor daffodil, it looks so chilled!)

Maria and Lulu look so alert -- Cat TV is right! They must be fascinated by the snow and the birds. What a lovely little cardinal. And Maria looks almost full grown now, 11 months -- what a big girl.

I hope you and your nephews have enjoyed the snow, and that all melts soon.


Poor daffodil. Snow is pretty amazing when you're not used to it; we lived in Canada for 3 years when we were first married, it was my first (and only) experience with living in winter weather.

Candi, I love those wipes too, esp. because there is no way to keep the cats off the counters so I just grab one of those and clean up before I cook.

Sandra, I think the daffodil will bounce back but I don't know about some of the tree blossoms that had started to come out. It's going to get very cold tonight but they say that it should start to melt on Wednesday. It's still very beautiful out there!

Marcia, I wish we got just a little bit more snow every winter. We have had some winters where we didn't get a single flake.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, Whoo Hoo! The snow photos all look awesome. I giggled when I read your comments and saw the photos of your nephews. :)

I love Lulu and Maria's photos looking out the window. And Maria seems almost all grown up, your trance comments made me LOL! Great photos of the little bird and that poor flower too!

How fun to have a snow day! And maybe one tomorrow too. Thank you so much for taking these awesome photos. I love it! And BTW, I use the Clorox wipes two. I get the three pack at Costco! :)

Hope it doesn't get too, too cold for you this evening. Thanks again and have a great evening Annie!


Kathy, thanks! Maria is almost full grown but when she is right next to LuLu, you can tell that she still has a little bit of growing to do. But she is so much bigger than she was when I got her and she only weighed 1.5 pounds!

I hope you had a great day off today too!


Maria and LuLu are so cute, and so are your nephews. Glad that you all were able to enjoy the snow!

Great snow photos! I can't believe we didn't get a snow day here in DC - we had lots of snow so we should have!

Well, Annie, I'm glad you are enjoying your snow day - can you send some of that 70 degree weather? M


I'm running around seeing who got snow... we just had very little snow showers and flurries all day... nothing really... then tonight it has snowed a little and we might have a dusting tomorrow... Y'all in the middle of the state got it all this time....Enjoy!!

Your photos of the snow are really pretty. The cats sure look like they're enjoying watching the birds. Thanks for showing the photo of the cardinal-we don't get cardinals here in Alaska, and that's the bird I miss seeing the most.


Sheri, thanks! I imagine you got a bunch of snow up your way too.

Chiocciola, it seems that big cities just don't slow down for the white stuff like we do here - too bad!

M, it's going to be in the teens here tonight, very cold! But they tell us it will be warm again by the weekend.

Ann, you must be on the other side of that snow line the weather guy was talking about tonight. I'm still amazed that we got as much as we did here!

Cindy Ruth, thanks! Cardinals are the NC state bird and even though they are very common, I never get tired of seeing them in my bird feeders. They are such beautiful birds.

Beautiful snow photos!! I really miss snowstorms. I know...easy to say when I don't have to deal with the driving and the cold, but I still miss the excitement of a snowstorm. I cracked up looking at your photos of Lulu and Maria. They are so funny!! My cat I had when I lived in Washington would have that same look even when I watched a TV show with birds. I love the photo of your nephews. Lucky them to have a snow day! And lucky you too! Do you work at a school? And I can't believe Maria (the blogger not the cat) has never been in a snowstorm. I think we should arrange one for her next year.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, you know I've been coming back to look at these great photos. I hadn't thought of it when I first commented but I really love that photo of Maria in the foreground and Lulu in the background and they are both gazing out the window. Very cool photo!

Have a great day! And thanks again for the great photos!

HI Girasoli, the cats crack me up too. They are so focused and intense. I don't work at a school and my office was open yesterday, but they are flexible if we don't think it's safe to drive. Roads are much better today so I came on in.

Kathy, thanks! Your comment inspired me to do another cat post (I'm working on it now)!


Lovely photos! We got about a foot of snow, and by this time I am so thoroughly sick of it, all the charm has been lost. About the only consolation is that my class has gotten really good at getting into their snowpants and boots by now.


Great photos! The cardinal looks all puffed up in the cold, very cute, as are the cats! And your nephews are adorable, it really shows how sad they are over this snow day ;)

Amy, I've only seen a foot of snow a few times in my life. Our few inches is all going to melt today, they tell us, and it will be in the upper 70's this weekend!

Anne, when I was a kid, I felt exactly like my nephews...snow days with no school were the best!


Funny, I came back to look at these photos again, and am drawn to the same one that strikes Kathy's fancy - the two of them gazing intently out the window. Very cute :)

Thanks Anne. Cats in a trance! It's funny because Maria always ducks down a little so that the birds won't see her, but LuLu doesn't care if they do.

I don't think the birds can even see in the window anyway...if they can, they sure aren't afraid of my cats. :)

Lucky you that your work place is so accommodating. Snow days were my favorite days when I was a kid. We used to sit around the radio waiting for our school to be announced and would be so bummed if the announcer went past our letter of the alphabet without naming our school.

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