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The Big Blue Shrine

There are shrines all over Venice but the sestiere with the most is definitely Castello which also has a number of very large shrines, almost chapels. This one is so obviously loved and taken care of so well. It's unique too because of what's inside.



It really tugged at my heart strings when I looked inside of this one. Hundreds maybe thousands of photos, some of them very old. Seems to be a memorial shrine for folks in the neighborhood. And there's a small teal-colored Madonna on the wall next to the shrine, with an eternal light/flame. Very sweet.




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It is very sweet.A very well taken care of shrine like you said Annie. Very interesting.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, this is an amazing shrine. What a wonderful way of paying tribute to their memory. I loved all the different shapes and sizes of some of the frames and photographs. Each individually unique and beautiful.

And I love that eternal light/flame under that beautiful teal Madonna. It's so cool to see these shrines so well taken care of.

Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photos Annie. Have a great evening.


Oh Annie, what a touching Memorial!

If you like shrines, you should like this website (unless you already know it?):

It's a inventory of almost all the shrines of Venice.
It's amazing, the only thing is that it's only in italian

This is such a precious and sweet shrine. From your photo one can see that the exterior is rather simple but what a treasure this shrine holds inside! It must have been very touching to see all the photos.

The shrine of the teal Madonna must be one of the smallest shrines you've seen in Venice. Love the color on both. Blue is so "in" these days. ;)

Beautiful shrine and a special memorial. I love the way the Italians put so much love into their shrines and memorials. They are always so moving.

Thanks everyone. More big shrines on the way soon.

Thanks AnnaLivia, I love that Venezia Museo site and visit it often. Love the shrines and there's some good church info there too. Someone has done a lot of good work there!


Annie, that's a very personal shrine -- amazing! The neighbourhood must be very close-knit to share their memorials this way. Lovely!

Sandra, I agree. It's a very touching shrine.

What a gorgeous shrine, and with so much personal meaning to the people of the area. Very touching!

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