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The girls

I thought I'd share a few more photos of the cats before I "go back" to Venice. I am still trying to get my photos and thoughts organized, and now that the Blog Everyday challenge is over, I'll have time to mess with my trip photos some more.

Here's Maria doing her impression of The Sphinx:


Cuddled up for a long winter's nap on a cold day. For the most part, they are getting along great. Occasionally LuLu has to remind Wild Child Maria who's boss, and she'll take her right paw and lightly bonk Maria on the top of her head. Maria gets this very indignant look on her face and then they have a staredown, and eventually Maria backs down. Only rarely do I hear any hissing and that's when Maria is really getting on LuLu's nerves. But LuLu has much better success keeping Maria under control than I do (when I say "no" to Maria, she thinks it means "do it again"!). Maria has calmed down some but she's still a little whirlwind. :)


When Maria isn't tearing up the house plants, stalking her toy mice, trying to make LuLu wrestle or play chase with her, searching the kitchen for food to steal, or sitting in the window chirping at the birds, she gets on the floor and rolls around. I call it Kitten Yoga.



LuLu is the world's most laid-back cat. It's so interesting how different their personalities are. LuLu has never met a stranger and is instantly friends with everyone, while Maria is little bit shy and skittish, and when someone new comes to the house, she runs away and hides under the bed. Eventually Maria will come out and make friends, but she's a bit wary at first. LuLu's favorite thing to do is to sit on someone's lap, usually mine but she's not picky - she loves everyone. Maria is much too busy to do much lap sitting but occasionally she does come get on my lap to sleep; I bet she'll do more cuddling as she grows up and calms down.


Sometimes Maria looks like a little gremlin. This is her sitting on the kitchen counter talking to me. I think she was telling me about the squirrel that keeps getting in the bird feeder. She is so talkative and her little voice is hilarious....she chirps and squeaks and squawks.LuLu is a very quiet cat by comparison although LuLu has this little trill she does everytime she walks into the room; it's her way of letting me know, "Here I Am."


When I adopted LuLu, I had two dogs, and LuLu loved those dogs so much and modeled some of her behavior on them. The dogs would always come to the door to greet me when I came home from work, so LuLu started doing it too. Then when the dogs went to the Rainbow Bridge, LuLu continued to greet me at the door everyday, and now she's taught Maria to do it too!

So when I pull up in the driveway, I look over and see two furry faces looking out the window at me and by the time I get to the door, both cats are standing there waiting for me to walk in. It's so sweet!

Here are a couple more from the Snow Day yesterday. I was in another room and heard Maria talking up a storm so I went in the kitchen and found her trying to climb up or over the window:


Here is what had her all riled up - two of them!


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You should have let them outside to see how much they enjoyed the snow. Now that would have been fun. Maria certainly is photogenic.

Maria and LuLu are soooo cute. I love the photo of both them laying down in their bed.
And what a talented yogi you have!


Oh Annie, they are so gorgeous. I love that photo of them in the basket, LuLu has a "see what I put up with" look and Maria just looks up to no good at all! Maria's noises sound so much like Polly's! But Polly just makes her noises mostly when she wants out. Winston is who I have my cat conversations with. Dave thinks I'm nuts, but I swear Winston's talking back :) Thanks for this great post!!


Annie, Maria and LuLu are too cute. I love cats!

The photos are so cute! I enjoyed seeing all the different kitten poses. I love seeing kitties in a "sphinx" pose, especially when they also hide their paws. How sweet that they come to the door to greet you. Do you ever wonder what they do all day while you are at work?

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, great post! I was LOL with the sphinx impression and the kitten yoga is sooo cute. It's so funny how she is so talkative. Lulu does seem like a really cool and laid back cat. I think it is so sweet that Lulu loved your two dogs and followed in their footsteps greeting you at your door and now she has taught Maria. It must be so cool to arrive home with such a sweet greeting!

I can see why Maria was so interested by the window. Those two squirrels were going to town on the bird feed.

I love that photo of Maria and Lulu in the basket. So adorable.

Thank you sooooo much for sharing and posting more about Little Maria and Lulu. I really enjoyed this post. I will probably visit this post again and again! Have a great evening Annie!

Very cute post! Maria looks like she could be quite a handful. :grin:

Adorable photos! I especially love the one of kitten yoga and of Maria on the counter! Too funny.

Thanks everyone!

Jerry, she IS photogenic but boy it's hard to catch her standing still.

Candi, LOL re "talented yogi."

Anne, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has "cat conversations." Maria and I can go back and forth for quite a while (it cracks my nephews up!).

Sheri, I love cats too. I used to be a dog person but I'm been converted by these two.

Maria, I think LuLu sleeps most of the day when I'm at work, and I sometimes come home and find broken pots or other clues about what Maria does. :) I bet she sits in the window watching the birds for a good part of the day.

Kathy, it really is so wonderful to come home to them. I love seeing their little faces in the window everyday!

Deborah, she IS a handful. Almost everyday she does something that makes me laugh!

Chiocciola, I love the one of her sitting on the counter talking too. It's such a typical shot of her.


Annie, these are fantastic photos! I wish I could do kitten yoga, stretches like that would do my back so much good.

I forget how young Maria is, until I see her with adult Lulu (who is also very beautiful.)

Your description of Lulu picking up traits from your dogs is so funny -- when my brother had Mrs. Mittens and his dog Sam came along, Mittens adopted Sam and not only treated him like her kitten but also adopted so many of his mannerisms. Alas, he never learned much from her (such as eating daintily and even sharing!)

Animals are such a delight.

Ahh, they are adorable - I'm a softie for cats and these two are sweet. M

Sandra, I know. When I see her rolling around, all flexible and happy, I wish I could do it too. Love the story and Mrs. Mittens and Sam! My Maria has a lot to learn about eating daintily - she's a bit of a messy slob right now.

M, thanks. They are wonderful creatures.


I LOVE your girls! Such great photos.

I really miss having a kitty around. Maybe after we get back from Italy in September . . .

Nancy, thank you. And I hope that you can get another kitty next fall!

I love everyone of these photos! The gremlin photo is pretty funny! I took a peek at this post the other day but have been very behind once again in catching up with everyone. Thank goodness I will be on break soon (2 more weeks!!).

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