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PhotoHunt: Protection


This week's theme is "Protect(ion)."

This is a bottle tree. An old African folkloric tradition - put a bottle tree in your yard to protect your home and family from bad spirits who will be attracted to the shiny colors and get trapped inside the bottles.



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Thanks for visiting and have a nice weekend.

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I took a photograph of a bottle tree at the NC Botanical gardens in Chapel Hill but didn't realize what they were for. I like your shot and also appreciate learning the history of them.


Coolio! I did not know that before :) Great pics!


I had heard of the bottle tree and have seen many on Gardenweb... but don't know if I had heard the reason for them... most of the ones I see all have blue bottles... but I do love the one you have shown... all colors and types of bottles...

Love this post!!

Wow, that is an interesting folk lore; what a way to interpret the theme. Happy weekend.

Beautiful photos! And great take on the theme!I am still having hard time with this one.


What a pretty tree!

Wonderful! I've never heard of this before. Great take on the theme!

This is such a cool idea! I'd make one except I'd be afraid local teenagers might like smashing the bottles on the street. Hmmm. Maybe the backyard!

Wow - I didn't know that - great pictures! :)


What an interesting belief and beautiful de facto sculptural work that results from it! :)

WOW!! I learned something new today-thank you!! Excellent shot btw:)

Stop by to see my "protection" shots!

Wow,what a unique entry! The bottle tree sure looks cool.

I think we both have something in common with my post :)

That is interesting to know. Cool entry for the theme. Mine is up too.cc



Good stuff. To protect your home and family from bad spirits is certainly important, but who drinks the spirits that were in these bottles initially?

Have a great weekend!

this is v intriguing!


Wow, Annie. That is really interesting and I love your photo. Maybe I could create a small one in my small back yard! It would certainly be a conversation piece!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, what a unique take on this week's theme! It was really interesting learning about the folklore tradition. It's cool how they used different shapes and colors.

Great photos Annie! Have a great weekend!


this is soooo cool!

I love the look of colored glass, I don't have them in trees..but all over the house.


beautiful artwork
beautiful photo
I especially loved reading the meaning behind both

I’m feeling safe here’s my photo hunt

Very creative and cool - love it!

Never heard of a bottle tree before. Interesting! I’d love to have one but I would probably get a letter from the HOA. Love the colors, the different shapes and what a gorgeous day it was.


That's a very attractive bottle tree. I imagine they don't all look quite so good, but so long as they serve the protection purpose.


I have never heard that before!! Those are beautiful bottles. Great pics. Thanks for stopping by my photo hunt.

This is so cool - is this in your backyard?


I LOVE the bottle tree! Thank you for sharing your photos and the background behind it.

Very interesting! I've never heard about it before.

I've never seen a bottle tree before but they look so colorful and they make a great photo.

Stop by my photo hunt if you get a chance.

This is new to me also. Beautiful bottles and wonderful photos! Where did you find these?

Thanks for your comments everyone!

Jerry and Girasoli, this one isn't in my backyard - I saw this one at a folk art show. Sometimes I see them in people's gardens here in NC and they really look cool so I'm thinking about getting one myself!

How interesting. I'd never heard of a bottle tree. Cool photos.


Nice take! Thanks for sharing with us the knowledge on African tradition, appreciate that!

Thanks for the history. I would like to make one bottle tree for my garden. :)

Great take on the theme - love the bottle tree! menehune

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