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PhotoHunt: Stripes


This week's theme is "Stripes."

I've got one from Venice and one from North Carolina this week.

First up, boat poles in a Venetian canal:


And an old-timey barber shop pole in NC. That's me reflected in the metal part of the bottom. :)

Barber shop pole

You can find more Photo Hunters and join the hunt here.

Have a great weekend everyone. Happy PhotoHunting!

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Comments (44)

Those are both wonderful stripes from two very different places.

Go Heels! I do root for UNC most of the time since both of my parents, many aunts and uncles, one of my sisters and my brother went there. My mother was a huge fan and as much as she loved her heels, I can hear her hollering for them in heaven. I didn't go there but I'm rooting for them.


Carver, I went to school there and so did many in my family. My dad is in heaven with your mom hollering for them too, so is my grandfather.

Go Heels! Annie


Lovely!! great stripes!!
Mine is up, happy hunting and happy weekend!

Great striped photos! Love the reflection of both, the stripes on the water and you on the metal.

I haven't thought much about my PH striped photo. I know I must have somewhere one of a gondolier with the striped shirt. I'm trying to keep the PH photos in the Venice theme while blogging about my trip.

Have a fun weekend! I'll be watching the game ...Go Heels!

those are great stripe choices.

Great photos, Annie. I knew you would have Venetian boat poles:)


Love your stripes... both very good photos for the theme this week!


You make me so very envious with that Venice pic:) Lovely shots this week! Happy PH!

Excellent choice. I haven't seen a barbers pole in ages!


These are two very excellent photos for this theme. I remember the striped poles in Venice.
Happy weekend.


They're both lovely but the first one is gorgeous with that fabulous reflection.

Beautiful take on the theme -- love your stripes!

These are interesting photos! The barber's striped pole resembles those blue and white stripes on the canal :)

Happy weekend!

Ahh, love your photo choices for this week! :)

I love Venice and that barber poll has been around longer that I have

The venice pic is great


Hope you don't mind but I like the first photo better. I think it's partly because barbershop poles still abound in both Hong Kong and Malaysia (where I've been living for the past few years)!

Nice shots of stripes!
Yes, I saw your reflection :)

Oh yes, the old barber pole! I haven't seen one for a long long time!

Your first photo is so beautiful. I love the way you captured the stripes in the reflection. And cool barber shop pole! I haven't seen one of those in ages. Great stripes post!

These are terrific! Love the reflection of the stripes in both photos. Nice job.

Great stripes shots!

I have a Venice shot this week as well . . . mind you, one really has to look closely to see the stripes.

You've got two great shots. I used mooring poles from Venice also, along with a few other stripes.

One of mine is from Venice too. :o)


Stunning shots for stripes!
I just love the reflections in the water in your first shot - great composition!

They both are great!
Your shots are my favorits for stripes! :)

Have a great weekend!

Such colourful pix!

I played too :)

Barb Cabot:

An ingenious choice for the theme with the reflections. Really nice.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, very cool selections for this week's theme! Now why didn't I think of those cool poles in Venice...I love the reflections of the poles in the venice waters and in the metal of the barbershop pole of you! Very original!

Happy weekend to you too Annie. Enjoy the game today! Go Heels!

Venice...if only....but thank you for sharing your photo of Venice and stripes...I love both photos...


Great choices!

Enjoy your weekend.

Sassy stripes!
You don't see as many of those barber poles these days. Great hunt.

Nice contrasting pictures both excellent for this week's theme. I love you were able to catch your reflection in the pole.

Nice stripes!


Great post! I just love your first photo - lovley reflections :)

Happy weekend :)

Those are both really neat stripes!

Sweetanlo's Stripes

Cool shots! I have not been seeing a lot of these barber poles for age. Modern saloon? :P


I love the reflection in the water. And I do believe this is the first barber poles I've seen today! My stripes are here.


It's been forever since I've seen a barbershop pole, nice picture

kaye’s stripes

Woohoo!!! Congratulations!! I am thrilled for you. (obviously this is about your Tar Heels winning tonight). Wanted to make sure you saw this so posted it here :)


Woo hoo! Thanks so much! Five games down, one to go. I can't believe it! I spent most of the day today in Chapel Hill....Tar Heel fans are so psyched!

I'm going to leave work early tomorrow and head back over there. Excited, nervous, hope I can sleep tonight....

Woo hoo, Annie. GO HEELS! Big time, I hate MSU, they are my University's rivals(U Of M), so I am pulling for your tar heels all the way!
Woo Hoo!


Candi, thanks! Glad you're pulling for us too. I'm a little bit nervous about the fact that MSU has home court advantage, playing in Detroit, but our players don't seem too worried about it.

The Heels played MSU in December and beat them by 35 points (!!!) but their star player was hurt in that game. Still I hope we can beat them again tomorrow night!

I just love the first one annie, it looks like a painting. Great finds!

Very clever take on the topic, Annie! Menehune

Lovely striped photos. Thanks for dropping by. I'm catching up on my visits.

Annie, I've been thinking about you since the win on Saturday. I watched bit and pieces of the game. You must be so excited. Have fun tonight in Chapel Hill and GO HEELS!

Maria, thanks!

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