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The Big Yellow Shrine

Next in my series of big shrines in Castello, this one has a chalet feel to it with its shingled roof and wooden doors. As I was peering inside the window of this shrine, a local resident strolled over to check me out. He/she posed for a photo and then ran over to a nearby house, jumped in the window, and went inside.







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What a lovely shade of yellow. It does have an Alpine air. I laughed when I read about the local resident - was wondering about the unknown gender part. :)

I just blogged about that big green shrine dedicated to St. Anthony, who I also see in this shrine. Very popular indeed, San Antonio.

Another great shrine. I love the yellow, and all the statues inside. The kitten posing for the photos is so cute:)


Your photos of all of the shrines are so beautiful! It looks like you are a professional photographer - you have a really good eye for color and texture.

Thank you for sharing them with us!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, great photo and you got me. I was thinking that was kind of odd that the local posed and then ran into the house, maybe he had something to do ...and then when I scrolled down and saw Mr. Cat I LOL! He/she looks like the cat in my Vernazza video. :)

This shrine does have a chalet feel with the wooded roof and doors and the colors. It's cool looking. And as in the other shrines, pretty flowers.

Great find Annie. I'm enjoying reading and looking at all of your photos with your shrines. And Mr. cat was cool to stop and pose for you as well. :)

Thanks for sharing! Have a great day...tomorrow is Saturday.

Maria, your photos of the green San Antonio shrine are soooo beautiful! That is one of my favorites shrines in Venice.

Candi, thanks. I like the little statues inside this one too. They are a little weather-beaten but charming. And I'm always happy to run into a Venetian cat!

Nancy, thank you so much. I'm a complete amateur but photography has become my favorite hobby over the past couple of years.

Kathy, I "met" more cats on my most recent trip than ever before. More blog posts are coming about the cats!

And yes, tomorrow is Game Day! I am getting very excited. Go Heels!


What a curious little shrine, I also like the alpine feel it has. Is it the shape of the doors, or the cut-outs in the wood that give it that effect?

I guess Mr. Cat had you on neighborhood watch, and you must have passed his inspection since you were allowed to take photos!

You know, Annie, I think you could write and sell an excellent newspaper/magazine freelance article (with great pix) on little-known shrines in Venice. You could set it out as a kind of one-day or half-day "guide" to a sestieri like Castello for visitors looking for a bit of a different approach to Venice. Add a restaurant and shop recommendation or two, to complete a nice, inexpensive off-the-beaten-path kind of day!

This would be a great hook, which every story needs (like the travel-with-baby hook used in the NY Times piece Matt Gross did several weeks ago on Frugal Venice, Family Style.)

Sandra, that's a very interesting idea! I'll have to give it some thought. These large Castello shrines are off-the-beaten path but there are some good trattoria (and some nice churches) in the same general area.

Funny! I was wondering why a local resident would want to pose for a photo for you unless you asked him/her to pose. So do people add these on to their houses or have they been there for 100's of years? I like the windows in this shrine.

Another amazing shrine! As I already said, I didn't know about these larger shrines. Very cool. And fantastic that we are still enjoying the stories and photos from your trip back in December. The trip that keeps on giving!

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