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Corte Sant' Andrea

A pretty little corte in the sestiere of San Marco with a vera da pozzo used as a planter. The corte is named for a demolished church, Sant' Andrea della Certosa (or Sant' Andrea of the Lido), that was out on an lagoon island close to the Lido. The Sant' Andrea monks owned a hospice in town where they would stay when they rowed over to Venice for business. The hospice was built in 1272, and this relief (showing St. Andrew and worshippers) was added in the 14th century.




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Those are beautiful reliefs. And I love the idea of using the wellhead as a planter!


How lovely! Do you know what the writing along the bottom says?

Sandra, I'd love to have one in my garden.

Anne, I'll have to check when I get home but I think it's a tribute to some wealthy donors or something along those lines.

Beautiful relief. I am starting to wonder if I should have planned a stop in Venice again this summer. Love the little courtyard.

Girasoli, thanks and is it too late to add Venice to your plans? :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, I love this little courtyard. I also like how they turned the wellhead into a nice planter. And the relief with the little plant by it is so cool too. I love how you are able to find these very special places throughout Venice.

Thank you for posting these great photos and for the interesting background on this very pretty courtyard.


Nice - I think I will certainly be looking at Venice through a different eye when we manage to get back there.

Lovely courtyard and relief! It looks so quaint and inviting.
Is that a branch that someone placed on top of the relief or is it a “volunteer” plant?

Maria, it's hard to see but you can kind of tell in the first photo. It's some plant growing over the wall, coming from the garden on the other side, maybe? I like the berries on it.

Hi Annie,
wonderful post! Where in San Marco is Corte Sant'Andrea? I would like to visit it.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks! It's a little bit north of Campo Manin, close to the church of San Luca. I read about the relief in Lorenzetti and as I recall, the corte was pretty easy to find.

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