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Maria: The First Year

It's hard to believe that it's been a year since the little whirlwind entered my life. Raising a kitten has been such a wonderful and fun experience, and I love this cat with all my heart.

Here she is last Memorial Day weekend:

Maria with shoe

And here's a recent shot. My friend Joan saw the photo below and said, "Maria is becoming quite a beauty, isn't she?" It's true. Maria is now in a stage somewhere in between goofy kitten and adult cat, and when I see her hanging out looking all gorgeous and regal, it makes me do a double-take.


One minute she looks grown up and beautiful and then two seconds later, she snaps back to her funny kitten intensity:


Her little head-tilt just melts my heart.


I love this photo of the two of them. They both love to "help" me do laundry, and here they are in the linen closet while I was trying to put stuff away. I can see the wheels turning in Maria's head....how did LuLu manage to get up to the top shelf?

cats in closet

And these nap photos crack me up. Both cats are heat-seekers and move around the house looking for sunny windows to snooze in. One Saturday I walked in the living room and found Maria asleep on the back of the sofa in a sunbeam. She looks like a teenager who's recovering from a wild night out.

001 (2)



LuLu in her sunbeam:


Maria reaching down to grab LuLu's tail:


Maria has calmed down a lot but she has a long way to go to be as laid back as LuLu. They are best friends, and it makes me happy to know they have each other when I'm not home. At least once a day, they have a rowdy play and chase and wrestle session; it's a lot of fun to watch them.

Maria still gets in trouble every once in a while but not quite as often. But even LuLu has little spells of mischief. I keep their cat treats in a drawer in the kitchen, and I walked in there yesterday and found both cats on the counter - LuLu was hanging down trying to open that drawer while Maria sat there and watched her intently. Partners in crime!


Relaxing in the basket:


Nearly everyday, these cats do something that makes me laugh - you can't ask for better companions than that. I love coming home from a long day at work and seeing two furry faces in the window so happy to see me.

And then there's the purring....my favorite sound in the world. It's the best. :)

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Comments (23)

OMG-I think I'm in love! I have a twin for Maria . well, Ronan, my cat, is about 40 pounds but has a uncanny resemblance to Maria. She's precious! I think she has r-e-l-a-x-a-t-i-o-n down...menehune


Oh, Annie, Happy Anniversary! Maria really has become quite a beauty (altho she has always been adorable.)

She and LuLu must be so good for each other -- LuLu, the steadying influence; Maria, the wild child. I love the photo of the 2 of them in the linen closet!

Oh my - that made my morning! :)

Hi Annie!
Your cats are beautiful! I love yellow cats! It's funny, my parents have two cats just like yours, the same colors.
Take care,


Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, this is such a wonderful post. Maria has really grown into a very beautiful cat. I enjoyed looking at all of your photos and reading your comments about them, especially your comment about Maria looking like a teenager recovering from a wild night out. :) Lulu's fur looks so pretty in the sunbeam. Both Lulu and Maria are so precious and you are so lucky to have them. They are also very lucky to have you.

Thank you so much for sharing Maria's one year anniversary and all of your great photos. Love the ones of both of them together. And until I am lucky enough to have my own little whirlwinds, I am really enjoying living vicariously through your Lulu and Maria.

BTW, I'm not sure what happened but I recieved an undeliverable e-mail message when I sent my comments this morning, so this might be a duplicate.

Have a great evening Annie!

She turned in to a beauty. I love her green eyes. So different from when she was young. And you got some great shots of her sleeping in the sun. Cats are great fun.

Barb Cabot:

Annie, those eyes!, She has a very beautiful face. You must be so happy with her company. You are both lucky!

Menehune, I'd love to see a photo of your Ronan!

Sandra, thanks. I love that linen closet photo too. They are quite a pair (and it's such a relief that they ended up so bonded after a rocky start when LuLu was so unhappy about the kitten moving in).

Leslie, thank you! I know you're a cat lover too.

Anna Livia, that is so cool that your parents have the same colored cats! I'd love to see a photo of them too.

Kathy, thanks for the head's up about the comments. I just found all these comments in my folder but didn't get emails about any of them, so something strange is happening.

And thanks for your comments about my fur kids! I hope that you will find your whirlwind kitties someday soon. :)

Marta, thanks. When Maria showed up I thought she was a blue-eyed cat (didn't know that most kittens start off with blue eyes) and it is pretty amazing to see the change in color.

Barb, thank you!


Hi Annie, not to shift the focus off Maria, but I wanted to say thanks for the ST review of Ostaria al Garanghelo in San Polo! I just saw it last night, and it sounds like what I've been looking for, for my day in Venice.

I'm thinking I'll start my visit in San Marco, of course, and then in the afternoon visit the Scuola Grande di San Rocco (among a few other stops.) So lunch at the Ostaria sounds just right!

Sandra, it's such a great place! The food is wonderful but the whole atmosphere (and the friendliness of the owners) really makes it special. I can't wait to hear all about your day in Venice!


Oh, Annie they are both so cute. Love that in between stage from kitten to adult.I agree -purring is the best, especially when it is on your lap!


Hey Annie,

I'm just testing your comment stuff - I want to see if I can get it to go wonky for me and see the message people are getting.

Sheri, agree completely about the lap sitting! LuLu is a real lap kitty, and Maria is spending more time in my lap now that she's calming down some. :)

Hi Kim,

I found both your test comments in the MT folder but didn't get emails about either of them.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Annie,

Maria really has grown. She is still so adorable. I really enjoyed seeing all of the photos of her, especially the photo of her last year to see the difference and the photos of her lounging on your couch. I am glad to hear that Maria and Lulu are best friends. They must get into all kinds of mischief when you are away at work :)

Girasoli, thanks! I used to come home from work and find plants knocked over and things like that, but that doesn't happen as often now that Maria is a little older. It would be fun to have a pet cam and see what they do when I'm not there!

They are SO adorable! Especially the sleeping in the sun photos. I miss having a cat!

Annie - I posted a photo of Ronan on my blog - menehune

Chiocciola, thank you.

Menuhune, I just saw darling Ronan and left a comment for you! He is a beautiful boy (and the resemblance to Maria is pretty amazing!).

I’m late to the first year anniversary party but I absolutely love this post and seeing how much Maria has grown. She’s quite a beauty, and so is LuLu!

It’s always fun to see photos of your kittens. Love all the photos but I’m always partial to the ones of kittens with dreamy eyes and that’s why I just love the last one.

It would be fun to have a pet cam with sound to see what’s going on while you’re at work. I bet they nap most of the day.

Maria, I think they nap most of the day too. When I'm home with them on weekends, they snooze most of the day and then get a burst of energy after dinner. I love the dreamy sleepy eyes too!

They are so adorable!

Candi, thanks and welcome home!

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