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PhotoHunt: In Memory


This week's theme is "In Memory."

August 2007 was a very sad time because we had to say goodbye to Jordan, my brother's dog. Jordie was a Chocolate Lab and one of the finest creatures I've ever known.

No matter how many times you go through it, it's never easy to say goodbye to a beloved pet, and losing Jordan was my young nephews' first experience with the death of a loved one. We read several excellent children's books about losing a pet (listed below) and planted a tree in Jordan's memory. The boys painted this memorial stone to put under Jordan's tree.

So even though we're happy to have a new puppy in the family, I'll never forget Jordan and every time I see this stone under the tree, I remember how much I loved him.


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I have a feeling I may need to get a box of Kleenex ready for this week's theme.

These books about pet loss for kids are great (and really, they helped me a lot too).

Dog Heaven by Cynthia Ryland
The Tenth Good Thing about Barney by Judith Viorst and Erik Blegvad
I'll Always Love You by Hans Wilhelm

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Comments (43)

A dog is like a person and that hurts when you lose it. I have fishes and birds that die on me this year and the pain is there.

Great post. Touching remembrance.


Beautiful post, and tribute to Jordan!

Wonderful tribute to a loved family member. The memorial stone is so touching.

I know that feeling too... Even I had not lost any close pets for years, the feeling of losing a life still hurts...

A lovely post. It is true, losing a beloved pet is a huge wrench as we found out in February. Happy weekend


Wonderful tribute to a loved family member! :)

Mine is up too!
Have a great weekend :)
Anna / Vita Stunder

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, that's a very beautiful painting on the memorial stone in Jordan's memory and I thought that planting a tree was also very special.

Thank you for sharing something so personal and touching with us.

Great post, Annie. Loosing a pet is very hard,and what a lovely memorial stone! Perfect for the theme.


A wonderful tribute, Annie. Jordan sounds like he was a fine, fine friend.


Lovely tribute; we are going to be pet free for awhile, but I still miss my sweet beagle.


Wonderful tribute to Jord.. love the painted stone... perfect for the theme!


What a touching post. Our pets are like our children, and losing one of them is like losing part of yourself.

Your nephews did a great job with the memorial stone.


Losing your dog is like losing a member of the family Anne. You handled the situation very well. No Jordan will not be forgotten. I remember every dog I have ever had.

Happy weekend

That is a wonderful and beautiful memorial.

That is so sweet! When two of our old and well-loved cats passed on, several years apart, we buried them in a corner of the backyard and planted butterfly & hummingbird plants around them.

I think many of us are trying to stay away from sad subjects, this Hunt. Mine’s In Memory of a great time to be repeated.

I hope I don't need that Kleenex!

Must have been hard letting go..that's a beautiful painted stone in memory of the dog that brought happiness to your brother and family :)

it's never easy to lose somebody, pet or friend or family or any loved one. It's part of life but it's also can be heartbreaking. It's really nice that you were able to teach your nephew how to go through it somehow.

I always cry when a dog of mine dies....

btw, I have a photo of the San Gallo too u posted below! Would want to visit Venice again... :)

That was cute and sweet. I remember when I buried my pet bird when I was 11 years old.

It's a lovely tribute to Jordan, RIP.

Have a great weekend!

I miss my dogs! I can totally relate...

We have a cat and the day something happens to him I know it will be very very sad time for us. He's been with us for almost 5 years. Beautiful tribute..

We are also feel sad when we lost our farm guard dog in which it helps our farm safer from thieves. Its nice to know about your entry. Thanks for sharing. mine is ready also.

Awww, Annie. What a super post! I love the stone.
Dan and I miss our two greyhounds and two cats very much, too.

Mine's up, too.

I started to post my three departed dogs, but couldn't bear to dig up the memories. They were my "children" as we have no two-legged children.

Instead I have posted a tribute to others who have departed this earth

Yes most posts I've visited need to have tissue box handy.

My post:

What a beautiful and touching tribute!

that's a lovely tribute to Jordan.

Very nice, a very moving, meaningful tribute to a beloved member of your family.

Hugs. I still remember the animals I knew in my childhood with a sense of fondness and loss.

What a beautifully painted stone for a marker! I'm sure your nephew will always fondly remember Jordan. My hunt is up, but yes, you might need your kleenix, as mine is my family.

Very beautiful tribute to Jordan. I love that your nephews painted the stone to remember Jordan. It is so hard to lose a pet. Thanks for the list of books.

Such sweet sentimets! menehune


Such a nice post,Annie. The Memorial Stone is so sweet. Thanks for the list of books for children on this difficult subject.


Lots of love to be found in that post!

Lovely memorial. I'm always amazed at how close we become to our pets. I still miss my kitty even after 2 years.


I can totally relate to this, in fact I have the same entry here http://www.mirasblog.com/2009/05/photo-hunt-15-in-memory.html

What a sweet photo for In Memory theme.

I lost a pet dog too. :(

Have a happy Mother's Day!

We never forget the special animals after they leave us. What a wonderful way to keep the connection. My cat has a bird bath. . .

Thanks for sharing with us.


Annie, I love that stone of remembrance. Thanks for sharing this poignant memory with us.

Yes, how long did it take me to get over my siamese, Persia?

Lovely post for this week. I have been away up at the Gold Coast for my conference so am late getting to PhotoHunt for this week. ;)

A wonderful tribute to a member of the family. I get all chocked up every time I read about the loss of a family pet. They are truly so special and enrich our lives in so many ways.

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