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PhotoHunt: Plastic


This week's theme is "Plastic."

It was kinda funny when I started looking and realized that everything I had that would work for this theme were photos of plastic TOYS. :)




You can find more Photo Hunters and join the hunt here.

Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend!

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Comments (33)

You just showed us how many plastic products appear in our daily life. Great take.


Great shots for the theme! Love the hairdo on the last pic :)
So glad you liked my "thingy", happy ph and happy weekend !!


These are great pics for the theme :) Gotta love hula hoops :)


Wow, that's all kinds of plastic! Very fun.

My nieces would surely love all those toys you have. :)

Pss.. love that spikey hairstyle.. :P

Fun set of shots for the theme. When my daughter was little she wasn't half as into her hula hoop as I was. I used to have a blast demonstrating how to use the hoop.


Loads of fun photos!!

Happy Weekend.


Great collection of plastic you have!

Have a great weekend! :)

G'day - how is your weekend going? It's Saturday morning here and I am on my electric blanket with two of the three cats, reading all the PhotoHunt entries. :)

Loved yours. :)

But the great thing about plastic toys is the color - which you've captured beautifully! I was kind of stumped, so mine is a bit "cheap". So to speak.:-)

Perfect catch for photohunt's theme...Happy weekend! Hope you can visit mine too...

Love that last photo and that hair... Maybe there's plastic in there too... laughs.


Great photos for this theme. There are so many brilliant colours available in plastic.
Happy weekend to you.

These are fun photos! :)

It is fun indeed. Happy weekend. TC. Mine is ready.


Wonderful photos of plastic... Loved them all!


Re that last photo: is the hair plastic too?! :O

Plastic is really found everywhere :) Especially when it comes to toys made for kids.
Have a good weekend!

love that kid's hair!

great captures for the theme. i love the last pic and the punk hair.

Aloha from Maui!

Very nice photos:) The children look like they're having fun!

Cindy O

Lovely photos - looks fun!

Great shots, so colorful! Love the mohawk at the end my type of haircut when I was young but never had the courage to go all the way! Have a great weekend ;-)

Got to love the hula hoop. Great take! Menehune

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, this is such a perfect and fun take on this week's theme. The humpty dumpty toy is cute and I love the hula hoop boy with the hairdoo at the end!

Thanks for posting these great wonderful photos! Have a great weekend!


colorful! colorful!

I love the hoola hooping Mohawk hair guy picture.

Hula hoops! I loved hula hoops when I was a child! Is that Mr. Potato Head? My kids spent countless hours playing with it and putting the lips on theirs. Silly kids! Great choice of photos for the theme.

Have a wonderful long weekend!


Hi Maria, I think it's Humpty Dumpty. But Mr. Potato Head would be great for this theme too!

Love those hula hoops! And my son would love the photo of the boy with a mohawk because he recently had his hair cut in that same style (minus the dye).


My daughter is grown and gone and now we have no plastic toys... except for a few balls that belong to the cats... great shots! Mine is up here.

Cute Humpty Dumpty! I used to love to Hula Hoop. We have them at school, but sadly my talent with the hoop did not carry over to adulthood. Great hairdo in your final photo :)

Love the hula hoops and the blowup castle. Fun set this week.

Lots of plastics there! Great shots for this week's theme.

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