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PhotoHunt: Walking


This week's theme is "Walking."

Walking with a book on your head is supposed to help you learn good posture or at least that's what they told us in grade school when I was a kid.

When I saw this sculpture on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus, I flashed back to Health Class when all of us kids would walk around like this with books crashing to the ground. It's not that easy to do!


You can find more Photo Hunters and join the hunt here.

Thanks for visiting and have a nice weekend. Happy May Day!

If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.

-- Buddhist saying

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Hehehe we used to walk with books on our heads too when we were kids. My Mom told us that is what the models do lol :) Great pic, and take on the theme :)

Great take on the theme and I love the sculpture. I'm sure I've seen it before as I've walked around UNC campus so many times through the years but for some reason I forgot it. Thanks for your comment on mine and I also love seeing NC through your eyes.

I tried doing that when I was in my teens and it is very difficult to balance the book on my head. My Mom said I have a pointed head. haha.....


It's not easy to do, you're right! Oh, to have her posture.

Great take.


That's a cute photo for the theme... I never even thought of that... but we all tried walking with the books on our heads at my house...LOL


Love your picture and take on the theme!! Carolina in my mind reminds me of James Taylor ::sigh::

Annie, I STILL walk around with a book on my head every once and a while, I do pretty well actually. I believe it helps my posture.
Great take on the theme.

And happy May Day to you too!

THat is a marvellous shot. I love the sculpture. Have a great weekend


Awesome shot! And I love the sculpture :)

Mine is up too!
Have a great weekend :)


Great post and photos for this week. :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, love your unique take on this week's theme! That's a really cool sculpture and I also love the pretty tree in the background. UNC has such a beautiful campus.

Wonderful choice Annie! Have a great weekend too!

Oh I never thought of that. We all tried walking/balancing a book while walking to improve our posture. Great take.


The best scene involving people walking with books on their heads: one from a 1959 Hong Kong movie called "Air Hostess"... :)



Nice photo,Annie. I've heard a lot about the UNC campus. The grounds look beautiful. It is hard for me to walk & chew gum at the same time. Can't imagine walking while balancing a book on my head!

That's so funny! I can't believe they made a statue of it. Happy hunting!

Those who want to walk like ramp models and beauty queens do that :D

Nice place :)


I am still without a "walking" post. Yours is inspiring....brought memories back for me too... I used to walk with a book on top of my head as well... I must have a flat head because I remember being able to keep it on my head for the longest time... LOL

Have a great weekend.

Love the sculpture!! Wish I had done more of this, then maybe I might have a better posture! Hehe..

Good take for this weeks theme. Cool! Mine is up.

Great take on the theme. UNC is a gorgeous campus. My daughter has a few friends attending school there.

Great take on the theme, Annie.
Cute little girl. But somehow she just doesn't look to me like she has tar on her heels. :lame joke:

What a great take on the theme! I love this sculpture, and you're right - it brings back some memories, alright... They didn't do that sort of thing in Europe, where my parents are from, and my mother thought I was nuts when she saw me practicing at home! :-)

Thanks for visiting!

I believe holding one's head erect is good for posture (and the spine). What happened to those good old days, eh?

Mine is up. I hope you have time to check it out.
Happy weekend!


What a charming statue. I don't remember ever trying that although my mother was always going on about how I should stand up straight.

Happy weekend to you.

I thought this was a fun interpretation of the theme. It is a great statue. And I love the redbud in bloom in the background. :)

What a fun sculpture to have in a college campus! Love the flowering tree in the background.

Happy weekend!

Ingenious - great take! Love the photo. Happy weekend, menehune

Did all of that wlaking about with books give you great posture? LOL

Great take on the theme this week!! Love the statue. Fun photo! I must have a pointy head. I could never keep a book on my head more than a second.

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