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Introducing Buddy!

Back in January, I wrote about how my nephew Mason was going to start taking after-school art lessons. Well, he finished his first class and got lots of praise from the teacher who thinks he has some real talent. He was very enthusiastic about the whole experience and did some nice work. That first class was a Color class and now he's taking a Drawing and Pencil techniques class.

Here's one of his works from the Color class. The subject matter didn't surprise me at all since both Mason and Davis have been wanting a puppy for quite a while now.

Mason's Art Work

And the good news is that the Easter Bunny brought them Buddy, a black lab puppy! Oh my gosh, is this little guy sweet. We are all so in love with him. It's been a while since we've had a dog in the family so everyone is gaga over him. I'll be doing lots of dog-sitting when my brother's family goes on vacation which will be fun. LuLu and Maria haven't met Buddy yet....Buddy came from a home with cats so we think he'll be fine, and I'm sure LuLu will love him because she was crazy about my late dog Buddha and my brother's late dog Jordan. But Maria is the big question mark - as far as I know, she hasn't met a dog yet. Will be interesting to see what wild child Maria thinks about the new puppy!


Mason and Buddy

Mason and Buddy

Buddy's first bath:


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Mason definitely has talent! I’m so impressed at how perfect his doggie is. I love how he drew and colored the eyes and the ears. I’m happy to hear that he’s enjoying his art classes and I hope you keep sharing with us his progress.

Oh Annie, Buddy is adorable! I love, love Labs! The photo of Mason holding Buddy is so cute. Your nephews must be over the moon with their new puppy. I'm thrilled for all of you.

Maria, thanks. I love Labs too and Buddy is showing signs of being such a great dog! He is so much fun to play with - I love how puppies play so hard and then collapse for a nap. :)


What a cute couple they make, the puppy and the budding artist - have to confess I have a special place in my heart for red-headed little boys.

Marcia, I do too esp. this one. :)


Oh my Lord, Annie, Buddy is adorable! That face in his first photo, with the furrowed brow, is so cute. And he looks wonderful with Mason, who must be in seventh heaven! I love dogs, but there is something especially loveable about Labs.

Buddy looks almost as big as Mason, he must be several months old? Lucky you, to get to watch them both grow.

It's interesting to hear that LuLu is cool with dogs -- young Maria might take her cue from that (although I can't wait to hear about their initial introduction, I suspect there might be some hurt feelings at first!)

Mason's work is very, very good. Besides being a cutie-pie, he has talent!

Wow, Annie, Mason has a special talent for sure, that painting is very pretty.

And Buddy, OMG, so adorable. I love labs, in all colors, and they are so so cute when they are puppies.

Sandra, I love that sad worried puppy face too. His personality is much more happy-go-lucky than he looks!

He was 8 weeks old on Easter when they got him and around 9 weeks old in my photos. Not sure how much he weighs but I could pick him up (which I won't be able to do for much longer, I'm sure).

And yes, I'm curious about Buddy and Maria too - I'll keep you updated!

Candi, thanks! I think the painting is great. My sister-in-law got it framed and it's hanging in their house.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, wow, your nephew did such a wonderful drawing! He's a real natural and it's so great that he enjoys it so much. I liked his Spiderman drawing too. And how great to have lots of praise from his teachers.

And Buddy is so adorable and even more adorable is your nephew and buddy together. And the first bath photo is so cute too!

I have a feeling Lulu will be cool and from what you said about Buddy's personality I bet even wild child Maria will fall in love with Buddy too. But can you have your camera handy for their first meeting. Knowing your Maria, their first encounter should still be fun to see. :)

Great post Annie and I love all of your photos! Thanks so much for sharing.


Oh Annie, this is such a sweet post. Mason seems to have some real talent. His drawing is amazing. And Buddy is just adorable. It looks like he and Mason will be pals for a long time!

From time to time, I have been known to complain about my animals. Truth is, I am really glad that my kids grew up with pets (really, I love(d) them too). There was always a special bond between my boys and their dog!

Kathy, I will try to have my camera ready! I have visions of two black whirlwinds running like crazy around my house. :)

Sheri, thanks. Your boys are lucky to have grown up with pets - they'll be animal lovers for life because of that, I bet.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, yes, I think you may have a couple of blurred photos with your whirlwinds! :) That'll be so much fun to watch them play!

Barb Cabot:

I'm blown away by Mason's talent. He's wonderful and so cute. Now for the puppy Buddy...Oh my goodness he melts hearts! What a cute duo!

Kathy, LOL about the blurred photos. If that's what I get, I'll post them anyway!

Barb, thanks so much. I wish I had a video to post of the boys running and the puppy chasing them - that was such a cute sight too!


Oh, so sweet! I had a black lab as a child as well. Great dogs.

Amy, thanks. I think they are such great dogs for kids.


Wow, Mason is very good. Such a sensitive expression on his puppy's face. Buddy is adorable!! My M desperately wants a puppy, but she spends every other weekend at her best friend's house so be too hard for her to look after one. (I'm more of a cat person so have no interest in looking after said puppy in her absence!) Be great if my sister had one, though, and we could just visit. Perfect setup! :)

I am so amazed at Mason's talent. I would never guess that drawing was done by someone Mason's age.

Buddy is adorable! I can't wait to hear about his first meeting with Maria.

Thanks Anne.

And thanks for the feedback, Girasoli. It's interesting to get feedback from you since I know you see lots of kids' art all the time (plus, I'm a doting aunt so not very objective!).


He's adorable; can't wait to hear how he gets along with Maria.

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