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The Heels Go to Washington


The National Champion Tar Heels went to the White House yesterday where President Obama praised them in a speech, and they gave him his very own Tar Heel jersey. This was all over the local news last night and it was fun to hear Obama's speech; he was really funny.

He thanked the Heels for "salvaging my bracket and vindicating me before the entire nation" and remembered that he had played ball with them in Chapel Hill last year during his campaign.

"I'm not sure whose luck rubbed off on who. There was just a good vibe going on there, because they're now national champions and I'm now president," Obama said. :) And after they gave him the jersey and an autographed picture, he said, "Now, if somebody could just present me a jump shot. I need one of those."

So now I've got two more Tar Heel Sports Illustrated covers to add to my collection.



Next up on the Tar Heel fan agenda is the NBA draft in June. I can't wait to see where our players end up going next. Best of luck to all these guys!

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That is so cool! I know, our president is very funny,and I mean smart with good sense of humor funny,not I can't form a sentence that makes sense funny. I'll be following your Heels news!

How cool is that? Thanks for sharing, Annie!


Yeah Tar Heels!

I bet Dean Smith is really proud!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, how cool that your Tar Heels went to Washington! That is a great photo of Obama with his very own Tar Heel Jersey and surrounded by the players. What a great life time memory. I love Obama's statements. He always seems to know the right things to say. And they are always true! :) Very cool! And I totally love your new Sports Illustrated magazines for your collection!

I think your Tar Heel players will go high in the draft. One because they are very talented, two because they love the game and three because they are proven winners!

Great post Annie! Have a great Day!

Candi, LOL at the "can't form a sentence that makes sense" line. So so true!

Thanks Brenda. And Nancy, yes I bet Coach Smith is very proud. :)

Kathy, thanks. I hope you're right about the guys. Even though I'm not that into the NBA, I do like to see former Tar Heels do well. And you are so right, they are proven winners (just like Obama)!


Winning combination, Annie -- Obama and your Tar Heels. Very cool!

I saw a clip of this meeting the other night and thought of you. I love seeing good guys finishing first.

Very cool and lucky them!! The only bad thing about the Red Sox winning the World Series twice was both times they went to DC and met Bush! Photos not worth saving! Now these photos are great!!

Bush, ugh. :) I hope your Sox will win another World Series soon so they can go hang with Obama!


Loved this post, Annie. They certainly deserve to do well in the NBA draft.

Thanks Sheri!

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