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PhotoHunt: Advertisement


This week's theme is "Advertisement."

Two vintage ads plus one modern one, all found here in NC. And I didn't notice this until a few minutes ago, but all of these are ads for products made with lots of sugar. :)

Remember Chiclets (that dainty mint-covered, candy-coated chewing gum)?

001 (2)

Iconic Coca-Cola ads on an old country store:


And a modern ad on a truck. I've never had anything from this bakery but I like their ad:


You can find more Photo Hunters and join the hunt here.

Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend.

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These are great! And I have not thought about Chicklets in years. Are they still available? Have a wonderful weekend :)

I love these. Great shots and they remind me of my childhood (I was born in 1957).

Sue, I haven't seen any Chiclets in years. Just googled and found this on Wikipedia:


"The gum is no longer widely available in the US, but it is the biggest gum brand in the Middle East, especially in Egypt where it has a huge market share."


I love Pepsi... Coke will do if I can't get Pepsi..LOL Mine is a business on my road...as soon as I get it up...

Lovely photos, Annie.
I like the bakery's add too,very cute.
And yes, I remember Chiclets from the middle east last time I visited six years ago.

Great shots. I love the old ads. I don't think we ever had chiclets here in England though

Great shots!

Oh those were all great finds!

Really great pics for this week. :)


While on a road trip from Philadelphia down to Beaufort, passed through North Carolina and stopped by, among other places, the drugstore where Pepsi Cola was invented! :)

i like the second pic..the old country store..so picturesque

I love those old ads on the sides of buildings - my dad had one on the side of his shop, back in the olden days... But really? Bimbo? :-)

My ”Advertisement” entry is going swimmingly. Hope you can stop by!

I used to get chiclets from my mom's store, I love it! And the Coca Cola, I only drink the classic Coke, no Diet Coke or Coke Zero for me :D


I love the vintage ads ... and Chiclets... I used to have those -growing up in the Philippines.

Excellent photo shots!! Great take for this week's PH theme.
Happy photohunting!
Cindy O
Stop by & visit.


I simply love the vintage ads!! beautiful shots for the theme, have a great weekend!

Annie - those vintage ads are wonderful! Great choices for this week's theme.


I love ads on sides of buildings...sadly, not too many left to see. Classic products on this one!


what lovely contrast. i havent seen those vintage photos for years.

Wow...there is a brand called "Bimbo"???

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, great choices for this week's theme. I used to love chiclets gum! How cute is that little country store and bakery advertisement. Kind of reminds me of the old Pillsbury Doughboy TV commercials! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Good choice for the theme. Happy weekend. Mine is up.

I love the old ads painted on the sides of brick buildings! There used to be soooo many of them. Now they are harder and harder to find. Great shot!

I love the old ads. We don't have many on the buildings here in the NW. Maybe it is the rain. I think I remember seeing more when I was in California.

I do remember Chiclets. The last time I saw them was in Mexico. There were kids along the beach and in the center of town with a tray hooked over their neck - similar to how women used to sell cigarettes in the '30s. The kids were kinda annoying because they were always coming up and trying to get you to buy some gum. I didn't realize that most of their gum was sold overseas.

Great posts for this week's theme.

Love the classic old adds on the side of the building, that is something you do not see any more. Nice shot of the old country store and of the coke truck. Great job on this weeks theme. Thank you for stopping by, have a nice week end.

I always loved the faded adverts on buildings. So cool!!

Please do drop in my blog to help me in a proper advertisement for a better cause. :)


I love these old vintage advertisements on the sides of buildings... We really need to document this part of our history before they disintegrate or are torn down. Great shots! My hunt is up here.

wonderful old ads. i especially like the store....bet there's a pot belly stove in there with a bunch of mismatched chairs for story telling!

Nice shots. I was amazed when i saw the wall of the first photo.

Mariposa's PhotoHunt

Fabulous photos, Annie! I last saw Chiclets in Mexico. They are sold everywhere and you can find young kids selling them in the streets. They usually sell the small box, with only two pieces of gum inside. Interesting fact: back in Puerto Rico, chiclet is a word used for all chewing gum.

I love the photo of the country store. We don’t have many of these stores here in Arizona but each time we passed by one, I have to stop and go inside.

I use to buy Bimbo bread when I lived in Mexico City. I’m curious to know where you took this photo. Their pastries are equivalent to the Hostess pastries, like Twinkies :(

Fantastic photos! I loved Chiclets! I remember having contests seeing how many we could fit in our mouths when I was little. The crazy things we used to do! The second photo reminds me of Driving Miss Daisy. Great take on the theme this week.

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