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PhotoHunt: Lock


This week's theme is "Lock."

This is a roadside stand where I stop and shop sometimes. Nice stuff for sale but what's unusual about this place is that there is never anyone there. You shop on the honor system.

They do have a lock on the money box but still, they trust people to put money in the box (and not grab the box and run off with it). There used to be more stands like this when I was a kid; it made me happy to find this one.





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Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend.

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Terrific pics! We have a handful of places that work on the honour system were we live too.

That makes me happy to know there are places like that too. Great take on the theme and very uplifting.


Oh wow - I love it!! I wish everyone could be so honest.

Happy Weekend.


How wonderful to find places like this one nowadays!!
Beautiful pictures for the theme, happy weekend!

Wonderful shots I love that they trust people to pay and not just run off with the flowers. Happy weekend


We have some stands that use the honor system in our neighborhood too. Your photos were great. Especially the locked box...


Great take on this theme!
It makes me happy to know there are places like this too :)

Have a great weekend!


Wow! I am glad to see that there are still places that work on the honor system.
Great take on the theme, and nice shots.

I remember seeing something like that when I was a child - to buy strawberries from a farm...

Been a long time time since I have seen an honor system like that though.

Have a great weekend! :)

We still have these, usually unlocked in the rural areas around Adelaide. Very nice.

Now that is a beautiful stand, reminds me of many of the places where they also have that in Switzerland! What a great find.. :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, great take on this week's theme. Its wonderful to see that stands with an honor system still exist. And you're right, although there's a lock, someone could just run off with the box. Trust and honor are great virtues.

Have a great weekend too!

Now this honor system is much better than leaving doors unlocked. Amazing no one will think of grabbing the money box and run.


Very nice photos and what a nice concept that it's great to see still being practiced -- i.e., trust in customers, strangers and by-passers! :)

I love that there are still places left like this. Wonderful photos and great take on the theme this week!

Hubby told me of a couple that love to do that when they sell their produce but you will not sure if everybody is honest hehehe. Nice entry for the theme... Mine is up too.

We have those type of stands here on Maui especially in the Kula Maui area where they sell beautiful Maui Protea flowers. Great take for this week's PH theme.

My "lock" is posted as well!
Please stop by http://upcpoutnrysmiles.com
Thank you!
Cindy O


just like in U.S, you put the coins and get the newspaper from the machine which have so many copies of newspaper in it. They just take one and this case will never happen in Malaysia. They will put the money for one copy and take ten copies from the vendor machine.

It's always heartwarming to know that there are parts in the world that trust and goodness of mankind still prevail. Good shots! :)

Fascinating idea. I'm glad most people are honest and that this honor system works.

Wow, wonderful place! Nice job for today's theme :)

Mariposa's PhotoHunt

I know what you mean - these sorts of stands are few and far between. There is a farm near us that sells organic manure (how can it be anything but organic, I wonder) in front of their barn. No locked boxes for them, just a plastic container with no lid. LOL

Thanks for bringing back such great memories.
I remember my Mom sending me to the local marked. If she was busy, Mrs. Davis, the owner, would let me write my list of purchase in our account book myself. Everybody paid their grocery bill at the end of the month.

wonderful shots.....i buy double yolk free range eggs from a little stand like this one....also on the honor system!


in the Philippines, it would be hard not to watch over this money box.

Great take on this week's theme. We have several honor stands in the area also. It reassures me in the goodness of people when I see them.

Have a great weekend.

Very fine interpretations of the theme. Thank you for your comment and welcome back.

That is a beautiful stand! I can’t say that I have ever seen a stand that works on the honor system. Maybe I should one day visit your neck of the woods ...

Have a great weekend!


Yes, it would be nice to find more places like this. Human nature being what it is, not likely. Mine is up here.


Interesting place! Human beings aren't that ugly after all, LOL!

One of the neighbors has an honor stand like that, and I was so pleased to see it. You're right -- there used to be a lot more of them.

You always post a creative take on the theme - interesting choice this week too...glad to see the honor system is alive and well. menehune

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