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Ponte dei Carmini

Here's a case where a bridge was named for a street shrine. The bridge, called Ponte dei Carmini, was built in 1791 and named for the adjacent shrine with an image of the Madonna del Carmine inside. The shrine is lovely but needs some attention; one side is propped up with what looks like a bed slat. This is in Castello, close to the church of San Zaccaria.






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Nice pics Annie! I love that place!
Take care,

Now this looks familiar! menehune

Annie, I love your photos.
I like the shrine, at least someone is paying enough attention to prop it up with the bed slant:)

Love the pictures!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, that's a really beautiful shrine and a very cute bridge. Your photos make me wish that I had visited Castillo during my trip. I just love all the colors in your photos. I'm beginning to miss Venice again. sigh.

Thanks for posting these wonderful photos Annie! Have a great evening!


That is a lovely shrine and I hope the bed slat is only a temporary fix!

The street looks very interesting and busy, what a great spot for a street shrine.

This is one of my favorite corners. I love the way sounds reverberate on Fondamenta de l'Osmarin. The shrine and the bridge at the end are the perfect frame for the place. Thank you for the posting.


You were lucky to see this capitello at the end of June, Annie. When I went by it, a couple of weeks later, it was covered up with a notice indicating that it was about to be restored. Of course, that could mean this year, next year, the year after. Fortunately, I have seen it before it reached such a state that the support was necessary

Hi Bert, my photos were taken last December. I am happy to learn that it is being restored!

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