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San Cristoforo shrine

This is Rio della Verona, the canal that runs behind the opera house La Fenice.


This large shrine is in sotoportego San Cristoforo, next to the rio. It looks so clean and new, I wonder if it was also reconstructed after the fire.


The image inside the shrine is a copy of Titian's fresco of St. Christopher that's in the Palazzo Ducale.


When I was a kid, lots of people wore St. Christopher medal necklaces. Not sure why he was a saint who made the jump to Southern USA Protestants but he and St. Francis were the first two saints I ever "met" besides St. Nick. I don't think I knew that Christopher was the patron saint of travelers at that time, it was just a fad to wear those necklaces, and lots of people had them

I was wondering why and found this page "St. Christopher in popular culture" on Wikipedia. A possible explanation jumped out at me:

In the movie The Spirit of St. Louis, (1957), James Stewart stars as Charles Lindbergh, the first man to fly solo non-stop from New York City, across the Atlantic Ocean, to Paris, France. Lindbergh is given a St Christopher medal before his big flight, which he refuses to accept, to save every unnecessary ounce of weight. His friend instead hides the medal in the aircraft, to make sure that the saint would be with him for the long and dangerous trip. Whether this short scene is based in fact, or a product of Hollywood is unknown.

Maybe it was the Lindbergh connection that made those necklaces so popular back then?

Anyway, there's a gorgeous water door across the rio from the shrine:


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I am learning so many new things from you, Annie.

Thanks for sharing!

Annie, I love the photos. Very nice shrine.
Interesting about St Christopher necklaces in NC, I don't think I've ever seen them.

Hi Annie!
I love your picture of the Rio de la Verona! Beautiful!

Take care,

He must be the patron saint of all Slow Travelers!

St. Christopher is also the patron saint of drivers. When my son got his first car, I gave him a medal of St Christopher. Fourteen years later and he still has it and he even carries it with him when changing cars.

Beautiful photos and I love the reflection in the canal in the first one.


I love that door,Annie. St. Christopher medals have always been popular in Philadelphia. As a kid, I seem to remember people having small statues of St. Christopher on the dashboard of cars!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, wonderful photos of the canal and shrine. I also love the reflections in the canal. The Linbergh connection you made (carrying the St. Christopher medal with him across the Atlantic) is very interesting.

I have to admit that I have one too, just in case. Every little bit counts to help keep us all safe.

Thank you for writing this great post Annie!

I have a very similar photo as your first photo. I loved the area right behind La Fenice. It was so peaceful. I missed the shrine though (or it could have been staring me right in the face). Interesting information about St. Christopher. I remember many people wearing St. Christopher necklaces also as a child. I wonder why they are not as popular today.


Beautiful colours, Annie! You've made me so much more aware of street shrines, I'm now noticing them everywhere! Thank you!

What a beautiful shrine! The photos are just great, really amazing colors. And the first photo is classic Venice!


Yes, a lot of drivers have Symbols of St. Christophers/and/or/ shrine, St. Christopher was a saint who Jumped to the Southern States of america Spreading the Catholic religion. A lot of motorcyclists, have these sayings on the back of there biker jackets, ETC. for Pride in there religion. To my belief there is a St. Christopher shrine somewhere in the southern states that alot of bike gangs ride to in honor.

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