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The walls behind


Sometimes the wall behind the shrine is just as interesting as the shrine itself. This wall is ravaged but beautiful.


Here's another example ~



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I agree, Annie. These walls are very interesting. I especially like the third shot.

Hi Annie!
I love those walls! The colors and the textures are beautiful.
I shall see them soon... I just booked my trip to Venice for September. I found amazing prices for the plane tickets. I couldn't resist!
When are you going back?
Take care,

Love the theme and the photos of this post! It's interesting to see the state of abandon of these walls and how the shrines have not been subjected to the same degree of decay.

Annie: So very true - a keen eye to see this on first pass too. Venice is so rich for the eyes....menehune

I really like the first photo. There is something very moving about having the shrine in the middle of the ravaged wall. The colors and depth are also great.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, you are so right. The colors of these walls are really unique and adds something extra to these beautiful shrines in an artistic way! I remember being really drawn to the different coloring of the outside walls on some of the buildings around Venice.

Wonderful Photos and great post Annie!

Gorgeous! In picture no. 3 it looks like light is coming from inside the shrine, really cool.

Thanks everyone.

Chiocciola, there was a little electric light bulb inside that shrine. It makes it hard to photograph the saint inside but looks kinda cool.

AnnaLivia, congratulations! There have been some amazing airfare deals lately. I don't know when I'm returning to Venice; if I go this year, it will probably be in December again. But I'm thinking about going somewhere else (I have such a long list of places I want to go) and maybe going to Venice next spring.

The first time I went to Venice was in September; it was very crowded but the weather was great (and the days are so much longer than they are in winter). Hope you have a wonderful time!


These walls have character, time has etched it on their faces. Wonderful shots! Mine is up here.

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