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Corte del Pestrin

A lovely shrine to the Madonna in a charming corte close to the church of Santa Maria Formosa. When I look at these photos, I remember how excited I was when I found this one. It's a beauty. There's a little electric light at the Madonna's feet that gives her a cool-looking glow.



A shrine and some laundry, doesn't get much better than this. And a tree!


There are some plants growing in the wall next to the shrine. The wall looks very old but the shrine is pristine.



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Nice little corner! I don't think i've seen it... Did you get a peek at the garden behind the wall? I love those hidden gardens of Venice!

What a gorgeous shrine! There is something about it that is very pleasing to the eye and soul. I love the colors, the wall, the laundry, what a find,Annie!

Thanks for the comments!

AnnaLivia, the garden looked very nice, even in winter. Not sure which palazzi it belongs to though.

Candi, I agree with you. Something about this whole scene just makes me happy!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, what a wonderful find. Not only for the beautfiul shrine (and I really like the little light too) but also for all the great things around her. Like you pointed out, the color and plants growing from the walls, the hanging laundry and tree behind it. It's like a delicate painting. It's so Venice to me...

Thank you for sharing this very beautiful scene with us through your wonderful photos. Have a great day!

Kathy, thanks and you are right...it is so Venice. And it would make a wonderful painting! You have a great day too.

Hi Annie: How great a photo with everything I think of about Italy: shrines, trees and laundry hanging:-) Great shots, menehune


That really is a lovely shrine, and the positioning perfect! I also love seeing the laundry hanging nearby and the mysterious garden behind. Do the two windows that flank the shrine look into the garden? That would be cool.

I'm always intrigued by courtyards and hidden gardens and wonder what life is like behind the outer doors.


Your shrine pictures are, as always, artistic and beautiful!

Barb Cabot:

Something about those colors is so captivating. The whole scene, tucked away with laundry...it makes sense even though my mind says it shouldn't.


What a find you made there! I wonder who maintains the shrine to keep it in its pristine condition! I love it!


The shrine is beautiful, but I also love the laundry. I can already envision a beaded painting of laundry hanging over a canal in Venice! :D


I love these photos,Annie - especially the one with the Laundry!

There are so many elements that make this shrine so special but I'm always attracted to shrines placed on exposed brick walls. Something about the roughness of the brick against the soft nature of the shrine makes this one so beautiful.
I'm also attracted to hanging laundry in Venice. It makes the city feel homey and welcoming.


I just got back from Venice, Annie, and I stumbled upon this capitello before I read the above. I made a note to tell you about it, but that clearly isn't necessary now. According to my map, the garden could belong to Palazzo Donà. Alternatively, it may belong to Palazzo Morosini dal Pestrin, the French Consulate.

Thanks everyone for your comments. Glad to know that I'm not the only one charmed by Venetian laundry!

Bert, thanks for the info about the garden.


This beautiful shrine is behind the wall of the garden Palazzo Morosini dal Pestrin, that use to be the old French Consulate. Here in this pic below you can clearly see the doorway to the garden behind this wall which take you to the Palazzo Morosini.

Sky, thank you so much for the info and the link to that photo! Annie


You are well welcome and I thought maybe you and others would enjoy this info.

Thank you again, Sky! Wonderful photos.

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