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PhotoHunt: Entertainment


This week's theme is "Entertainment."

Round and round, up and down...


You can find more Photo Hunters and join the hunt here.

Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend.

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Comments (26)

I did not even get to sit in one of these yet. :P

I haven't ridden in one of those EVER. I was afraid as a child and I feel like I still am as an adult. So that's two of us (Criz Lai) who haven't been on one yet.

It is entertaining to watch people ride it though.


I went on the London Eye and that was okay as it was closed in and very stable; i'm not sure about that one though!

Cool photo, Annie! This brings memories of a time when I wasn’t afraid of heights and enjoyed the carnival rides.

Wishing you a fun weekend! Stay cool. :)

p.s. glad to hear that you made the piña colada sherbet and that you liked it. I haven’t used my ice cream maker this summer but you have inspired me to get it out and make the sherbet with the left over pineapple (I’m using fresh fruit) from Palma’s recipe.

Ah that is plenty of fun! Happy weekend

I used to have (still have?) fear of heights. But I remember trying to ride this twice. With screaming in both tries. =)

Beautiful shot, Annie. I am curious to know where you took this photo.
I love riding these, they are great entertainment.

Happy weekend.


Hi Candi, I took it in Durham, NC. It's a traveling carnival that comes to town every year. I loved riding these as a kid but it's been a long time since I've been on one!

You have a good weekend too.


i would love to ride in that. I enjoyed yr post on community art.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, great photo for this week's theme! I used to love riding these too growing up, but was always afraid when it rocked so I made sure who ever rode with me kept really still! :)

Have a great weekend!

Oh,my stomach dropped just reading 'round and round' - I,too, used to cringe when we HAD to go to the carnival. I know, I was weird - carnivals scared me. Clowns did too. menehune


Ferris wheels are cool! :)

looks like fun time but i'm too afraid to go for a ride. :)

*giddy giddy*

Reason why I don't go up in that. :D

There is nothing like the pure joy of amusement parks! Great shot for the theme.

Have a wonderful weekend Annie.

Oh that is a fun entertainment but scary hehehe. Happy weekend. Mine is up..


I love those traveling carnivals.Our local Youth Athletic Assoc. has one every year. As a kid, I enjoyed those rides immensely. Now,I also get queasy just looking at that height and reading the words "round & round".Still enjoy the funnel cake,though!

It looks like the Ferris Wheel is on an incline! Yow! Great photo.

Mine is up, too. Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Mecomber
New York Traveler.net


That is source of entertainment indeed! Mine is up too, right here:

Well for the young people :) I was into that while I was in my 20's but not anymore.. Makes for great entertainment at night for photographers. :)

I haven't been on one in years~ thanks for the memories.

Great photo for entertainment. Our state fair starts at the end of this month. It is a HUGE deal here.

I love Ferris Wheels and this is a great shot. Lovely slow entertainment on a summer evening. Thanks for bring back some nice memories.

That looks like a great deal of fun and I love how blue the sky is :-)

Hi Annie!

That is a beautiful photo! I had a bad experience when I was little on a ferris wheel - my sister and I were stuck at the top. She thought it was lots of fun to tip the seat back and forth. I didn't. Last time I rode a ferris wheel. BUT I do love seeing them in person and am glad others enjoy riding them.

I have caught up on most of your posts I missed while I was in Italy. I even tried a couple of the salads this past week. I need to go back and read your posts again when I have more time.

Last time I went on one of those - I was thirteen! Great pic for this week. :)

What a beautiful shot! Round and round against a gorgeous sky.

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