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A Collection of Angels

This is an unintentional collection. As I wander around Venice looking for shrines, I also take photos of any angels I see but it wasn't until I got home that I realized there was a recurring theme with many of them....the finger pointing at the scroll.

This one is in the sestiere of San Marco, by the bridge behind the church of Santa Maria del Giglio.

Angel (Gabriel)

My favorite, this one is on the side of the church of SS. Maria e Donato on the island of Murano. Check out the two dragons underneath and the lion sticking out his tongue.

Santi Maria e Donato, Murano

In Campo Santa Margherita, perhaps from the deconsecrated church.


In San Marco, not far from the deconsecrated church of San Beneto and the Fortuny Museum.


Close to Santa Maria dei Miracoli, this one came from the demolished church of Santa Maria Nova

Santa Maria Nova angel

This one is missing its nose and is by the entrance to the Diocesan Museum and the cloisters of Sant' Apollonia.


And I've posted this one before but just to make the collection complete....this one is over the door of the campanile of the church of San Stae.

angel on campanile San Stae

And here's a new one I found in November 2010. AnnaLivia gave me a head's up about this one on Giudecca and I found it.


I wasn't sure who this angel is so I wrote to Jayne Howard Feldman who has written several books about angels. She told me that it's Archangel Gabriel, the Annunciation angel who brought the good news to Mary and that pointing at the scroll is another way of announcing the "good news."

I saw another one inside the church of San Giovanni Evangelista but I didn't get a photo. I wonder how many more of them there are...

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Comments (15)

Great post!

Wow!What an interesting collection! I love angels, and these are gorgeous. I love the one from Santa Maria Nova, looks different.

Thanks for sharing and happy Tuesday!

Fascinating collection. It's interesting to note the similarities and differences on each one. Love the ones set against the brick walls.

What a cool collection! Very nice and interesting as usual. Thanks for sharing these with us!
Have a great day!


Annie, that is so neat that you didn't notice the fingers all pointing to the scrolls until you got home! What a wonderful accidental collection! Great photos.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, great collection! That is so interesting how they are all pointing down at the scroll. I'm a big fan of angels and grew up feeling like Angels are around to protect and watch over us.

I enjoyed learning about this angel and how he symbolizes bringing good news. I love that explanation. That was a great idea to write to this author on Angels for the explanation. It's all so interesting. And I love all of your photos Annie!

Thank you so much for writing the wonderful post.


Annie, this is a lovely collection -- I think you could also start a sub-set of statues of lions with their tongues stuck out (do you suppose that indicates they're dead? Just to reassure the folks?)

I particularly like the last one, with Gabriel pointing to the Good News!


Very cool!

Thanks for your comments everyone.

AnnaLivia, I know you're heading to Venice soon, so please let me know if you see more of these!

Kathy, I believe we all have angels around us too.

Sandra, I really don't know about the tongue sticking out. I read an article with various theories about the significance of grotesque faces etc in medieval art. But the lion was the symbol of Venice which adds a whole other spin to it. I'd love to know!

Barb Cabot:

Like so many I too believe there are angels with us, looking after us, guiding us, and protecting us. I was wondering how you are able to remember where you took the photo of a particular angel. Do you carry a sketchbook and make notations? This is such a sweet and poetic post. Thanks once again for something so beautiful.

Hi Annie,
Check out my blog today, I'll post one just for you!
And I'll keep my eyes open when I'm there in September.
Take care,

Barb, thank you so much for your kind comments. I do keep a journal when I'm in Venice but mostly, I try to figure out where things were by looking at the time I took the photo and the church photos that are around it. It's not perfect but it does give me a general idea where things were.

AnnaLivia, I knew you'd find one! Thanks so much for posting it. That's a beautiful one.

Here's a link to another Archangel with scroll on AnnaLivia's blog:


Great post! The angels are really beautiful and it cool that the author helped you with the information you needed.

Sorry for being absent, I have been busy with summer! But as always it is a treat to come back to your blog.

Chiocciola, good to hear from you; I've wondered how you are. Hope you're having a great summer!


Thanks Annie, yes, I have had a great summer! Just somehow fell off the blogging wagon...

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