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Homer's Odyssey

Homer's Odyssey

An awesome book! I haven’t enjoyed a book this much in a long time. It’s just one of those books that fills your heart to overflowing and makes you glad to be alive. I loved it.

You might think that reading about a blind cat named Homer would be depressing but no. Homer lost his eyes to infection when he was a two-week old kitten; a few weeks later, Gwen Cooper adopted him and the adventure began. Homer is an amazing cat with great courage and a big heart, and being blind doesn’t slow him down one bit. There are so many funny stories that made me laugh because I know what’s it’s like to live with a feline whirlwind. When tiny Homer chases an intruder out of Gwen’s apartment, you can’t help but cheer for him. At first you think that Homer was lucky that anyone adopted him but the more you read, you realize that Gwen is pretty lucky to get to share her life with such a wonderful animal. I’m madly in love with Homer and also with Gwen’s two other cats, Scarlett and Vashti.

There are so many miracles in this story – starting with the vet who decided not to put the kitten to sleep. Then there’s Homer’s incredible ability to connect with people and infuse them with his own joie de vivre. But best of all is the fact that Homer was adopted by a great writer who could tell his story so beautifully and share him with us. I hope lots of people read this book!

Sometimes I skip pet books because they so often end with the animal dying and it’s just so unbearably sad to say goodbye. But Homer and the girls are alive (in fact, there’s a video on the book’s Amazon page where you can see Homer in all his sleek glory). But there was one chapter that did make me cry. Gwen Cooper lived in an apartment close to the World Trade Center and after 9/11, her cats were alone in the apartment and she couldn’t get back to them for several days because the whole area was off limits. When she finally reunited with them (and they were okay even though they didn’t have any food or water left), I had to shed a few tears of happiness.

It’s such an inspiring and beautiful story, and I encourage everyone to read this one. Buy it if you can because 10% of the proceeds go to animal rescue organizations including the Blind Cat Sanctuary here in North Carolina.

Long live Homer!

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Annie, this sounds like a wonderful book -- and the purrrfect gift (I know; that's SO old) for many of my cat loving friends. And (since no animals die) for my brother, who still hasn't forgiven me for giving him the DVD of the Disney movie Eight Below (one dog dies in the end; Robert couldn't bear it and blames me.)

It also sounds like a wonderful cause, for my book $$$ to contribute to.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, thank you for writing such a great review of this book. I watched the author's interview and loved it. I'm going to see if my local bookstore has it in stock, if not I'll order it on Amazon. Homer is an amazing cat and I loved that one scene where he is on the coffee table and with his paw reaching out to feel her. I think it is really cool that some of the proceeds are being donated to some animal rescue organizations like the blind cat sancturary in your home state.

I can't wait to read it. Thank you!

Sandra, I think that even non cat people might enjoy this one because it's such a unique story. But definitely "purrfect" for cat lovers like your brother! He and I are on the same wavelength, sounds like.

Kathy, I got my copy at Costco. I'd never heard of it but when I saw it on the book table, I knew I wanted to read it. I bet that you are going to fall in love with Homer too!

you've sold me too...menehune

PS: I just viewed the video - I think my Lily is a twin! menehune

Menehune, let me know what you think after you read it. Lily is such a great name for a cat!

I just visited your blog to revisit the photo you posted of your cats - Lily does have that sleek Homer look!


This would be a perfect book for my M! She is an animal lover extraordinaire. The two cats that she has picked out (Winston's sister Rainbow, who we lost a few years ago and our current Polly) were both runts of the litter. And she chose them specifically because of that. I remember when she chose Rainbow, she was very young, and she said she wanted this little kitten because she was scared nobody else would want her and she wouldn't find a good home. How sweet is that?

Annie, this book sounds like a wonderful and heart-warming story. I watched the video and it's amazing to watch Homer in action. There’s no telling that he’s blind, amazing!

Polaris once brought home a Chihuahua puppy that a client didn’t want to keep because she turned out to be deaf and blind. We kept her for a few days, during the Christmas holiday. It was a wonderful experience to care for her and watch her behave like any other puppy. I almost adopted her, since the vet was looking to place her in a home with no small children but the vet’s hairdresser fell in love with her and eventually took her home.

Thanks for the book recommendation; I’m going to look for this book at Costco. I might be ready for Homer’s sweet story after reading The Monster of Florence.

Anne, that IS so sweet. I think your daughter would love this book. It's so great when kids like her (and like my nephew Mason) develop love and empathy for animals at a young age.

Maria, I'm so glad that puppy got adopted! I think you'll love this book too and so would Polaris. There are a lot of pet/animal books out there, but this one is really special. I haven't read Monster of Florence yet - but yes, Homer might be a perfect follow-up to that one!

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

So cute! I might get this for my mom, I think she would like it. She likes cats just like me, and has a nice big cat with the same colors as your cat Maria.

Chiocciola, I think she would love it!

It's pretty cool - Gwen Cooper has a blog and just posted a funny story about Homer's new found celebrity and taking him in for a professional photo shoot. Really cute.


Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, that's a cool looking blog and a funny story about the photo shoot. I just read about your volunteer work at the sanctuary on ST and I think that is so cool and a really wonderful thing that you are doing.

And I finally got my copy of Homer from B&N and am really enjoying it! Thanks again for writing such a great book review.

Have a great day today!

Kathy, thanks! I'm glad you found the book and are enjoying it. It's really such a sweet story! Let me know what you think when you finish it.

And so far, I am loving the volunteer work. I've only worked 4 times so far and I'm learning a lot of new things, like how to feed 3-week old kittens (so tiny and cute!). It's really a lot of fun (I wish I was as excited about coming to my real job as I am about going to see the cats!).

Thanks for your comments and have a great week.

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