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PhotoHunt: Artificial


This week's theme is "Artificial."

Artificial flowers, artificial vanilla flavoring, and artificial Christmas trees all came to mind but I don't have photos of any of those.

The dictionary defines artificial as "made by humans as opposed to nature" and that made me think of these creatures from the brand-new Dinosaur Trail at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC. They are very cool-looking but they aren't real. :)




You can find more Photo Hunters and join the hunt here.

Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend.


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Ooooh, what pretty finds you have for this week's theme. I love the big mouth on the third image.

Happy hunting and have a good weekend.

Wow! Even the skin textures are shown so clearly. At least yours are from the outdoor. The last dinosaur exhibition I saw was in a dark indoor environment. Just look at that T-Rex's teeth... gross!! :P

Great shots from the museum. That used to be a favorite place for my daughter when she was growing up. We went there many times.

Now those really are fun shots for the theme. I am glad you posted those :-)

Great take on the theme!These dinosaurs look really cool!

Happy Friday!


I am pretty glad that they're not real!

what an interesting take on the theme. i love all your pics, very well captured.


Nice photos,Annie. Sounds like a great Museum!


Ooooooh! Great subject but photos too! Good job!

I particularly like the first photo - is the featured dinosaur a stegosaurus??


Great take on the theme... come see mine and you will know why I've slacked off on the photo hunt...Shame on Me!

Awww, this place rocks! Kids will surely love it here :)

Can u imagine if they actually came alive? cool!

My son would be fascinated and very happy to climb on them. :P

Oh my gosh...the photos are so realistic, it's startling!!

My artificial photo this week is a bit hairy! If you'd like to stop by and visit Click Here! I'd love to have you join me. Happy Saturday!!

Great shots - I am sort of glad that they ARE artificial. *smile*

Have a great weekend.


We have a resort with almost the same statues of animals. It's a hit w/ the kids as I'm sure this one is too.


Great take of this theme!!

Have a great weekend!

Awesome shots - they do look lifelike. Great take on this theme. menehune

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, Something tells me these dinasours aren't vegetarians? :) Very cool photos and great take on the this week's theme. How wonderful to have an interesting outdoor museum like that where you live.

Have a great weekend!

They LOOK real but I'm glad they're artificial. Wouldn't want to encounter any of those.


What a fun place for kids, and kids at heart, too!

Have a fun weekend!

Great photos. That's got to be fun to walk through there and see the dinasours.


Annie, I LOVE your photos!

I would love to go see the dinosaurs - it looks like a fun place!

Crikey! :)

Those are pretty cool especially for a museum. I bet they are popular with the kids also. Great take.

VERY cool looking. IF they even looked that way at all back then, lol! Good post!

Mine's up, too! I hope you get some time to visit.

Mrs. Mecomber
New York Traveler Photo Hunt


Although the tyrannosaurus looks so unreal, but it still sends chill down my spines!

Fantastic photos! What a cool place for kids to visit!! Great take on the theme this week.

Thanks for the heads up on Margaret & Helen. I haven't been reading their blog lately. Great read this morning. I added their blog back to my google reader list.

Oh my! Glad those are artificial - very well done for the theme :)

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