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PhotoHunt: Low


This week's theme is "Low."

Low tide at Surf City, NC, and the beach is wide.


At high tide, the waves come all the way up to the dunes, and there is barely any beach at all.

Topsail Island

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Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend.

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Love these photos, Annie :) Especially the second one, I adore a bit of wildness in my ocean scenes!


Tide is fascinating!! love your choices for the theme.
Happy weekend!

Great shots and take on the theme, Annie.

Now that is just a beautiful sight. I love beaches

Beautiful contrasting images of high and low tide. Very clever take on the theme.

I was admiring the beauty of the first photo until I saw how dangerous it could be during high tides. :P Anyway, those were beautifully taken. :)


I love the beach houses. I didn't think of low tide! Great choice.

Ahhh, very beautiful and peaceful. :)

what beautiful shots!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, gorgous photos and a great take on this week's theme. You're going to smile again when you see my post. :)

I love the cloud formations in both your low and hide tide shots. Surf City NC is very beautiful!

Have a great weekend!

Great idea and beautiful shots. It is amazing how much beach is lost over time. I remember when there was so much more beach on all the NC coastlines and it's a shame too that some of the more fragile areas have been built on.

I remember when Topsail had extensive nesting areas and tall grasses where the sound and ocean meet and it worried me when NC allowed development on that fragile end of the island. Sorry I'm babbling but having been going to the NC coast my entire life, I've seen a lot of changes over the past 50 years of my lfetime.


Carver, I know. I've been going to NC beaches since I was a kid too, and the development worried me too sometimes. But at least it's not like Myrtle Beach! Someone told me that they have put limits on the amount of development on Topsail since Hurricane Fran destroyed so much of it.

Love ocean shots - seems NE beaches vary little in looks - ocean and atmosphere is definitely changing our shores. Soil erosion here is a huge problem. We've had some houses fall into the sea. Those houses seem to be precariously close with high tide as well! menehune


Menehune, this particular beach was devastated by Hurricane Fran about 10 years ago. There used to be more front row homes before that storm.

Surf City is so beautiful! I would love to spend my summer holidays there!

Wow! what a lovely place!

really cool take on the theme. haven't seen that one yet. :)
happy weekend.

i love beaches and those are excellent choices for the theme.


Beautiful beach!! :)

I wonder if the color of the roof in the first picture was selected just to match the surroundings. Beautiful. Love the ocean pictures.


Mine's low tide too!

I played too :)


I love the blue of the roofs matching the blue of the sky in the first picture. Lovely beach.

Barb Cabot:

Great photos and such different moods of the sea at low tide...2nd one, is haunting.

An amazing difference between the two, wow!

Mine is up. I hope you can come visit!
New York Traveler.net Photo Hunt

Great take on the theme. What a lovely place to be, I just love the beach and sea

Lovely shots. I love the blue buildings on the first shot. I think I can almost hear the ocean from your vibrant pictures.

Great shots. One of these days I will have to make it down to the Carolinas . . .

Lovely photos! The first one looks almost like a painting.

these are awesome shots... love the clouds on the first picture.

Beautiful photos Annie. I would love to visit that beach. I love seeing the difference between low and high tide. Great take on the theme this week.

Sorry so late in commenting. Still catching up with everyone.

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