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PhotoHunt: Surprise


This week's theme is "Surprise."

There's a section of the Museum of Life and Science in Durham that has several carnivorous bug-eating plants including this one, the pitcher plant. Insects get trapped in the pitchers and the plant eats them. My nephews LOVE looking for bugs inside the pitchers.



The last time we were there, we were surprised to see a little face peering out at us from inside one of the pitchers! We thought it was a lizard but then it jumped out and we saw that it was a frog. Cute little guy. Maybe he was trying to steal some bugs from the plant, but we wondered if the plant might be trying to eat him too.

Frog found in pitcher plant

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Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend.


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Comments (30)

Ha! I bet you were surprised to see the frog! The boys look like they were enjoying their visit.


What a fun (and oh, so green!) surprise!! love your shots for the theme.

Surprise! my post is up...

What a fun post from a museum I have enjoyed visiting many times. I love the frog jumping out, that would be quite a surprise. Happy weekend.

Now that would be fun to watch a frog trying to wrestle a bug from the plant. Lovely images.


Those are amazing plants! I should think the frog was looking for food - surely the plant wouldn't try and eat him too!!!


That IS a surprise! Very cool photos, Annie!

What a cute surprise!Great take on the theme, Annie.

wow i will surely be surprised to see that. hehehe

mine is up too

happy weekend


Have seen pitcher plants in the wilds of Malaysia. Have never seen a frog inside any of them though! :D


Great Post... a good surprise!

I remember when my son saw a frog he really jump and shout help....Nice choice for the theme. Happy weekend. Mine is ready.

a very pleasant surprise indeed :)

That's a great find. We have lots of these growing wild along the track up a hill.


We just saw a YouTube video yesterday about a venus fly trap and a frog :(

what a delightful surprise! the frog looks cool and calm. :)


i'm not a fan of frogs but this one in your entry is such a beauty =] i kinda like it- now THAT is a surprise =]

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, great photos and a frog peering out from a plant would surprise the heck out of me too. Even the bug eating plant surprises me. Great choice for this week's theme! That's such a cool museum and your nephews look like they are having fun!

Have a great weekend!

What a cute little frog!
Hope you have a Happy Weekend!
~ Noah and The Bunch

That is so totally amazing! Never seen one of those.

My Photo Hunters is up! I hope you can come visit my Surprise! New York Traveler.net

You might be on to something with the little theif hanging out on the branch. Great surprise!
If you'd like to stop by my blog I'm at Cake Crumbs.


I wouldn't be too keen on any surprise concerning a carnivorous plant, but I have to say the frog is quite attractive, as frogs go!

LAst time I saw these was on a visit back to Switzerland. I love these "fly catchers" as I call them. Love the frog too!

what a surprise! Sounds like a museum for both little kids and big kids! Your nephews must be so happy to have an aunt like you! menehune


I love your surprise! He IS cute!

A great take on the theme.

Great photo for this week :)

What a funny surprise for you and your nephews! Cool plants! I wonder if the plant could eat the frog? Great take on the theme this week.


I have never seen one of these plants before! So cool!


Hey, how on earth did I miss this last week?? Too cool and they don't look anything like our pitcher plants! Your nephews look like they are enjoying being up close and personal with these cool plants. I love the way the frog is clinging on. Thanks for these photos, Annie! :)

I've heard and seen bug-eating plants looking like a tiny version of the humongous and terrifying plant form Little Shop of Horrors but this pitcher plant (and the surprise!) is so cute!

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