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The girls

Thought I'd post a few recent photos of the furry dynamic duo.

They have tons of store-bought toys (and a jungle gym to climb) but really, their favorite things to play with are empty cardboard boxes and big pieces of paper. Yesterday, LuLu and I were napping on the sofa and I heard such a racket from the sunroom; Maria was in there jumping on her paper over and over. I think she really loves the crinkly sound it makes.


LuLu loves paper too but she likes to use it to play hide and seek.

Hide and seek

Here they are together:

Playing with paper

They really and truly are best friends. They fight sometimes, but it's play fighting, and for the most part, I think they really enjoy each other's company.

The girls

Breakfast side-by-side:


Looking for birds:


Dynamic duo

A few weekends ago, I kept Buddy the lab puppy and this is as close as Maria would get to him. Poor thing spent the first couple of days under the bed but she finally got brave enough to venture out. If Buddy approached her, she turned into the classic Halloween cat...arched back, big eyes, and every hair on her body standing straight up. Buddy is a smart puppy and knew to stay away from her! LuLu and Buddy got along just fine, and I think Maria made some progress but boy, she was really scared of him.

Buddy and Maria

This is not a Buddy-inspired Halloween Cat pose; this is just a stretch after a nap on the window sill.


Playing in her box:

loves her box

LuLu loves to play hide and seek. It cracks me up when she hides under a throw rug (cause it's not like I can't see the big lump sticking up) but I play along and call her name, and soon she'll come bolting out all proud of herself for fooling me.


They both LOVE to play in the laundry!


And when it comes to hiding, a paper bag works too:


They went in for their annual check-ups a few weeks ago, and it was so traumatic because they both hate being in their cat carriers and really hate riding in the car (plus LuLu gets car sick). They both cried the whole way there (well, LuLu cried but Maria was hollering and sounded like she was blessing me out!).

Then when we got there, they were perfect angels. The vet told me that they are two of the nicest cats he sees. They cooperate with everything (he said that some cats try to bite and scratch him). Both of them got clean bills of health and I'm so grateful for that. I'm also grateful that we only have to go to the vet once a year!

And while I'm on the subject of cats, I took my nephew Mason to the Goathouse Refuge cat sanctuary. He loved it and can't wait to go back. Here are a couple of photos of him in the Kitten Room:



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Comments (23)

ahhh, my heart is melting for them - they are sweeettt! menehune

That's a fabulous post!!


Fantastic photos! Look how Maria has grown (but she still has that wild-child glint in her eye.)

Your nephew is adorable, I'll bet you had trouble parting him from the cute kittens!

Menehune and Leslie, thanks so much (I'm a proud mom).

Sandra, we spent two and a half hours at the sanctuary! Mason petted every adult cat he could and held every kitten in the Kitten Room (and there were about 20 that day). He's such an animal lover which really makes me happy.

Absolutely ADORABLE! The cats and the nephew too!
Take care,

Ah, sweet eyes! They look so adorable. They look so happy together too.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, wonderful post! Maria has really grown up into a beautiful cat, and yet its fun to know that she still has those whirlwind tendencies playing around. It's so great to see the dynamic duo's friendship deepen. The photos of them playing, eating and watching the birds together are so cute. I really liked the story of Lulu playing hide and go seek. :)

That's a cute photo of how Maria is studying Buddy so intently. Good to see that she can be in the same room without doing the Halloween cat pose. I think there is a budding relationship there.

And your nephew is so cute and he has grown too. I remember your comments about taking your nephew to the Goat Sanctuary which is really cool. I want to say that two of the kittens he is holding looks like Cherios and Yvette from the Sanctuary's website. They are all adorable. I think it's so great that your nephew loves animals. He looks so happy holding the kittens.

Thank you so much for this wonderful post Annie. I loved seeing all the photos.

AnnaLivia and Candi, thanks!

Kathy, the kitten in the second photo is little Cheerio - good eye! We were noticing that Cheerio's red fur matches Mason's hair! I can't remember the names of the kittens he's holding in the first photo; they sure are cute though.

I hope that you are right about a budding relationship! Maria is funny; she is very outgoing and confident (and still a whirlwind) with me and LuLu, but she gets shy with new people and also the puppy. This morning, a plumber came and she hid under the bed the whole time. LuLu isn't shy or skittish at all; it's so interesting how they have such different personalities.

Glad you enjoyed the photos!

Lulu and Maria are hysterical! Sometimes I look at my own and just have to laugh at his antics. Tissue paper is his favorite, but anything the kids drop on the floor is fair game (Barbie clothes and Legos, usually). Your nephew is an absolute doll!

Rebecca, thanks! They really are such funny (and fun) creatures. I've managed to keep mine away from the tissue paper but I know they would love to make a big old mess with it if they could.

Great shots - funny how cats would rather play with a bag than their more expensive 'cat toys' (which, of course, will do in a pinch).

That last kitten 'matches' your nephew!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, so the kitten was little Cherrios. And you're right, his fur does match the color of your nephew's hair. They are both so cute. How interesting that Maria is so shy with new people and that Lulu is very comfortable. I think it is so great that they are best buds. Thanks again for such a wonderful post!


Adorable!! I love the cat in the paper bag!! :)

Jerry, they are such quirky creatures, aren't they?

Kathy, I'm so happy that they are best buds. I remember at the beginning when LuLu kept hissing at little Maria and am so glad that she got over that.

LB, I was lucky that the camera was right there when LuLu got in the bag!


They are SO adorable - Mason included! I love the story of LuLu hiding under the rug, that cracks me up. And Maria looks so cute with her wild eyed stare - definitely up to no good! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos and stories of your cuties!


Oh Annie, they are both so cute.I love how cats hide. Mason looks like he would love to have a kitty.

Thanks Anne. I enjoyed seeing photos of your two cats too!

Sheri, he would have filled my car up with all of them!

Such wonderful photos of your girls! Love the second one of LuLu with the paper bag. She looks like she's wearing the bag as a dress/costume. Very cute and funny! The breakfast photo is adorable, too.

Love seeing Mason with the sanctuary cats. He looks so happy holding the kittens. I bet he would have loved to bring home a kitten or two for Buddy. :)

Taking about kittens, our sweet Spice (http://www.slowtrav.com/blog/mariai/2009/02/furry_take_two.html) is getting ready to go to the Rainbow Bridge. He's a very sick kitty and we're very sad to let him join Tux but grateful for the joy he brought to our lives.

Oh Maria, I am so sorry to hear about Spice. I know how hard it is to say goodbye. I'll be thinking of you and your daughter and the rest of your family.

I really enjoyed seeing your recent photos of Maria and Lulu. The photo of Lulu hiding under the rug cracks me up. That is so great that Mason loves animals. He is going to be a wonderful catch when he gets older.

Girasoli, thanks. I agree that he's going to be a catch!

Wanted to give you an update on Spice. Polaris is a encouraged that for the last few days he's been eating a bit more and behaving like his normal self. She's been giving him fluids and medication. I trust that Polaris is doing the right thing with Spice (she's after all a vet tech) and that he's not in pain. I've been visiting often and giving him lots of love.

On another note, I wanted to thank you for posting in Barb's blog the link to Earthangel4peace. What a wonderful and inspiring blog! The post about Benny had me in tears, thinking about my beloved Coco and how much I miss hearing her greeting barking each time I arrived home.
There are some really touching thoughts expressed in that entry and I particularly love the one about our pets being angels with fur.

I also enjoyed reading the post on completion. It is very inspiring.

Maria, thanks so much for the update and the good news that Spice is feeling better. And yes, knowing that Polaris is a vet tech would give me peace of mind too.

That blog post about Benny was so wonderful, wasn't it? You can tell she is an animal lover just like we are! And I loved the one about completion too - it inspired me to clear out some old stalled projects and junk.

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