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PhotoHunt: Tied


This week's theme is "Tied."

Found this laying on the ground in a parking lot. A bit mysterious - purple beads and pretzels tied together with a piece of white string. I thought it was probably an art project that some kid had dropped.

But later, I found out that it was a necklace that people were wearing at a World Beer Festival that had taken place nearby. The pretzels are to cleanse the palate in between beers. Go figure. :)


You can find more Photo Hunters and join the hunt here.

Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend.


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Comments (29)

I would have guessed a child's art project too. Interesting about cleansing the palate for the beer festival. I always thought of cleansing the palate with wine but it makes sense to have the need for any comparison tasting. Great idea for the theme. Happy weekend.


What an interesting find!! nothing for me since I don't drink beer :)
I should have added the hearts are from my own collection and I placed them hanging from my closet specially for the theme!


Now that's unusual - but it sort of makes sense.

Now I know why people would do anything just to drink more. :P



Very interesting find. Funny, I would have never thought to take of picture of that. Great job!

Happy Weekend.

What a colorful and interesting necklace!Great take on the theme.

Have a great weekend, Annie.

Oh yes, so creative.. what a great find. I'd rather eat it though!

Wow, that is an interesting necklace. I guess the pretzels will make the drinkers stop drinking for a while to munch a little, :D

Happy weekend!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, that's a really cool photo and very creative choice for this week's theme. I like the pretty color of the beads. And being that there's a whole lot of pretzels still tied on there, I guess the person didn't really need to clear their palates in between beers...:)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Very creative take on the theme this week. This should be a fun week to see what everyone comes up with.

I thought it was a child's art project too. Love the purple beads :)

Very interesting. Creative find for this week's theme.

Mine's up As we tied the knot

that's an eye-catching necklace and creative take on the theme.

I would have guessed it was a child's necklace!

Haha I have never seen a pretzel necklace before! Happy weekend


Interesting! I would have guess someone's project too.

pretzels and beads? Hmmmmm

My TIED is nautical this time...come by for a viewing if you can find time. Have a terrific Saturday!!!


An unusual necklace to say the least! I'm so glad you did find out what it was about. A child's work of art did seem the most obvious.

I so would have thought that was a child's craft project too! That is a hilarious story of what it really was. Too funny.

I love that you thought to get a photo of it---I'm one of those people who thinks a camera is only for taking pictures of people....I admire the artist that sees something photo-worthy in such a funny little item in the street.


A world beer festival sounds great! And pretzels would not only help to cleanse the palate but to help one not get drunk as it's easier to get drunk on an empty than not so empty stomach! :)

A beer festival is lots of fun!

I played too :)

LOL. I never would have guessed that is what it was for. I too would have thought a kids self made necklace. Great find.

That is an interesting necklace. I would never have guessed it was for a beer festival. Nice photo also and a great puzzler for the morning.

Have a great weekend.

It really does look like something for kids.

Well, of course, it all makes sense now:-)

LOL - I never would have put that necklace together with a beer tasting. Now that sounds like an interesting festival.


So cute!!

Confession: I wouldn't have known what it is either.

But at least you knew it was perfect for Photo Hunters! You have your priorities straight. LOL

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