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The Shrines of Torcello

I only found a few shrines there but wow, this first one might be my all-time fave. I'd like to copy this one for my own garden. It doesn't look like it would be too hard to build.

Torcello garden shrine

What a great use for a tree stump.


I also like this empty niche on the side of the cathedral.


A Madonna with vines, not completely overgrown yet but the vines are moving on up.



This is the shrine at the vaporetto landing, with another glimpse of the "cyclopian works in steel and reinforced concrete" that I mentioned in my last Torcello post. Not crazy about the bricks but I do like the shrine. When I was walking around the island, I found a pretty little sea shell that I put on this shrine before I headed back to Venice.



This weather-beaten ceramic Madonna was behind the church of Santa Fosca.


The churches of Torcello coming up next week....

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We saw that funny little 'homemade' shrine on the stump while we were there in September. We did think of you and wondered if you had it in your collection. Andrew

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, I can see why that is your favorite shrine. It's so creative and beautiful. I love everything about it. That would be cool if you could recreate one for your yard. I bet Maria & Lulu would enjoy looking at it too. I wish I would've seen it and the others when I was there. I do remember the one by the Vaporetto and really liked that it was right there when you arrived and when you left. That was so nice how you left a pretty seashell before you left.

Thanks so much Annie for sharing your wonderful shrine photos. Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend and great Sunday!


Annie, I love the idea of you recreating the little tree-stump shrine in your own yard. It seems it was made of whatever the materials were handy -- a piece of a blue tarp, wood of different sizes. Very interesting.

It seems a bit unusual to see the overgrown shrine, with the vines climbing up over the Madonna. Most shrines (in my limited experience) are pretty well tended. I like the wildness of this one.

Andrew, that is so funny that you guys thought of me when you saw that one because I really do love it! You're right, it looks very homemade (that's why I like it so much).

Kathy, I really might try to recreate it (or actually, hire someone since I'm not much of a builder and don't even own a saw!). If I do, I'll be sure and post a photo of it. You have a great weekend too!

Sandra, I like the wildness of the Madonna with vines too. I found a shrine in Venice proper that was very overgrown (much more than this one). I'll post it soon. You are right, it's unusual!

I love the tree-stump shrine! It shows a lot of creativity and humble devotion to Mary.

The shrine in the vaporetto landing looks quite out of place surrounded by the new brickwork. If only we could magically move her to the empty niche on the side of the cathedral.

The last shrine reminds me of Della Robbia, perhaps because of the colors and the shape of the shrine.

Maria, that is such a brilliant idea to move her to the empty niche!

I too love the humble devotion that many of these shrines show. So sweet. And you're right about the Della Robbia comparison; there's even a little horn with fruit down on the bottom of that one.

Yay, just love your shrine posts! The top one is so cute, and the empty one just cries out for a little Madonna and some love and care!

Great shrine shots! I kind of like the one with the bricks. That would be cool building a shrine in your garden like the one on the tree stump.

Hi Annie,
I posted one for you today that looks like your first one on top. I found it at the Giudecca.
Have a nice day!

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