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When you get there (Torcello)

When you get to Torcello, the first thing you see is a shrine to Madonna right there at the vaporetto landing. In the distance, you see the campanile of the cathedral. Turn around to see how vast and lonely and beautiful the lagoon looks.

Lagoon view from Torcello

To get to the piazza and the churches, you walk about a third of a mile along the main canal. The modern brick sidewalk you walk on is a bit controversial (more about that later). You don’t have to walk very far before you begin to see cats. Lots of cats! The Torcello cat colonies are what I expected to see when I first went to Venice but didn’t. There are cats in the gardens, cats hanging out with the young girls working at the souvenir kiosk, cats lounging around the piazza, cats on the rooftops of houses, even cats inside the cathedral!





Cats galore are scattered all over the island and have little houses supplied by the Venetian cat rescue organization, Dingo, which also takes care of the condo full of cats on the porch of the church of San Lorenzo back in Venice and runs a large cat sanctuary on the Lido.

The Torcello cats seem to be healthy and well-fed, and some of them are very friendly. The girls at the kiosk were calling them by name and seemed to be amused that I was taking so many photos of the cats.



This crowd was taking turns jumping up into the wheel barrow and getting something to eat out of one of those plastic bags. They were behind a gate so I couldn't get closer to see what was for dinner.






Needless to say, this cat lover was in heaven but there's lots more to see on Torcello besides the cats. More to come….

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Nice post Annie! Are you going to talk about the other animals we find on this island? Because I remember some strange ones!!


Oh my! Now I see why there are no more cats on the main island of Venice! They have all exiled to Torcello! Perhaps this is the result of the arrival of so many little dogs?? ;)

Amazing. I'm disappointed that we never got to Torcello on our visit to Venice. Definitely a reason to return.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, wonderful post. That is so great that Dingo is there to provide houses and supplies for them. You took some great photos of them. Love the one in the basket and on that pillar. Very cute!

Thanks Annie. I am looking forward to your next entry...I feel like I'm rediscovering Torcello again through your wonderful entries. Have a great day today!

Thanks for your comments everyone.

AnnaLivia, I've got a few goat photos too. :) They'll be coming up in a later post. I may be blogging about Torcello for the rest of the month. :)

LB, I get this great image of the cats of Venice having a pow-wow and then boarding the vaporetto to get away from the little dogs! I only saw a few little dogs on Torcello, so the cats are definitely in charge out there.

Marta, I hope you are able to visit someday. It's a great place to take photos.

Kathy, thanks! I love the one in the basket too (esp. with that mask next to it). The souvenir girls had made that little basket bed; each time I walked by, there was a different cat in the basket (they seemed to be taking turns!).

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, that's so cool how they all share their basket bed. I can't wait to see the goats and to read your next entry.

Have a great Friday!

Hi Kathy, I'm going to take the weekend off for PhotoHunt and Slow Bites, and then return to Torcello next week.

Happy Friday to you too!

Oh my! Lovely photos, thanks for sharing!


great shots!! love the 1st and last.


Wow, that is a LOT of kitties! How wonderful. I love the kitty in the basket, so sweet. They all look healthy and content too.


Where on Torcello did you see all the cats? We didn't see any, and we'd have loved to see them, as we're also cat lovers. Something else to look forward to for our next visit.

So many cats! I am glad they have a safe place to live. Does Torcello flood like Venice? I wonder what happens to the cats then when if it does flood.


The Torcello cats are lovely, they all look so sleek and healthy.

Your first photo is also very beautiful, very atmospheric.


Oh, Annie, I LOVE the kitty pictures!

We never made it to Torcello, but I can see we should have.

Hi Marie, there were cats everywhere! I am surprised that you didn't see any. Did you see the green Dingo houses (they were close to the piazza where the churches are). When were you in Venice? I took these photos in December of last year. It makes me wonder if Dingo has moved these cats somewhere else (I hope not!).

Thanks everyone for your comments.

Girasoli, don't know about the acqua alta on Torcello. I think it happens but don't know how extensive it is.

I must tell Polaris to come look at the adorable kittens. I have a soft spot for photos of kitties with dreamy eyes (the first 2). Love the basket kitten!

Maria, I love dreamy-eyed cats too!

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