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PhotoHunt: Birds


This week's theme is "Birds."

My blog has been crashed all week and I thought I'd have to miss this week's PhotoHunt. I was bummed too because I love birds. But low and behold, it came back to life a few minutes ago (cross your fingers that it stays fixed).

From Venice, a pair of kissing Byzantine birds~

Byzantine birds

The North Carolina state bird is the Cardinal, a beautiful red bird who's a year-round resident of our state~


Another one of my favorite birds is the owl. Saw this one in a Paperhand Puppet Intervention parade~

Paperhand Puppet Intervention

You can find more Photo Hunters and join the hunt here.

Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend!


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Yay! We're back in blogging business!

I have no fondness for birds, but I do love your photo of the marble Byzantine birds!

Great choices for the theme. I've photographed the cardinal in Durham's Central Park before too. It's a fun sculpture. I also like the turtle near it in the park. The kissing birds from Venice are a treat. I love it and also the owl is marvelous. Great take on the theme. Happy Weekend, Carver

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, yay! Great photo collection of birds for this week's theme. That first one from Venice is something very special. And I didn't know that the Cardinals were a year round resident in NC. Love the paperhand Owl puppet too.

Have a great weekend!

A great take on the theme. I love all of your bird-related photos but that owl is amazing! Happy weekend

I love your selection for birds for this week. I especially love the Byzantine birds.

Hi Annie!
I like those venitian birds! Do you remember where you found them?
Have a nice week-end!


Hi AnnaLivia,

That paterae was in Castello, on one of those little streets off Via Garibaldi, but I'm not sure which one. You have a great weekend too!

These are fun photos :)

Happy weekend!


Glad you got the blog back in time for the Photo Hunt.. Your photos are great.. my favorite the owl..

great series of pics. the kissing birds and the owl are stunning. have a lovely weekend.

Interesting posts for this week theme !

Happy hunting~


Great photos - I'm glad you could take part in this week's Photo Hunt. (And have my fingers crossed that you can read my comments on this comments thread!)

Very interesting post!
I haven´t known anything about the red cardinal before I saw Carver´s photo and now I know this beautiful red bird is the state bird of Carolina.
I love the kissing Byzantine birds.
Happy weekend.


Love your "bird collection" this week.
Stop by and check mine out.. it took me a while to post with ST challenges... but I am back to posting. :)


Cool photos! I love owls too, they are so different from other birds.

Glad our blogs are back up, although we did have some fun with them being down! :)

What interesting and unusual captures!

My kind of birds! Thanks for sharing

I also like the love birds in the first picture and the owl is interesting but kinda scary.

Cool representation of birds, all made of different materials. It must be wonderful to get to see the red robin year round. Love the paper owl. I’ll have to show that one to Pablo; he loved owls as a child and still has a collection of owl things (pencil holder, coasters, and stuff animal).

We don’t have any interesting or pretty birds in the dessert, except perhaps the roadrunner but pretty he's not. There are owls that live in the saguaro cacti but they are seldom seen.

I'm thrilled to see MT back in operation. I was in San Diego last week and tried to do a post with photos and couldn't get it to save the entry or publish it. I'll do my PH entry later tonight. Have lots of blog reading to do. :)

Wishing you a great weekend!

Thanks so much for your very kind words on my Hunt post. I'm so glad you did, 'cos I returned the favour and found a new fave Hunt blog to add to my reading list! Love your takes on this week's theme - as a fellow bird lover, I love all your choices :D

Fun Photos. Love the Byzantine lovebirds. Cardinals are near and dear to my heart (my son's little league team way back when). Strange football game today! menehune


Love your choices for this week!! And glad you are back online.

Happy Weekend.


wow! what a fantastic array for this week's theme =] the Byzantine birds are my favorite =] thanks for visiting my blog!

Great collection of bird photos :) My favorite is the Venice photo.

I am also happy that the blogs are back up again - just in time for photohunt. Hopefully this will be the last major problem.

All very cool photos! The owl is very neat.


Great bird photos!

It's good to have our blogs back online again - guess we had better get busy with some posts!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, me again. Since I might be off line for awhile after tomorrow, I wanted to stop by and wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!


Of course I am partial to the marble Venetian birds! LOL

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