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A couple of recent photos of the girls

I've realized that blogging is like exercising or healthy eating or any other good habit; when your routine falls by the wayside, it's not that easy to get back on track. Excuses, excuses, I know, but honestly I've been so busy lately and all of my free time has been going to other things (mainly the cat sanctuary). I do hope to resume regular blogging soon!

So for now, a couple of recent photos of the Dynamic Duo. They weathered the recent bizarro cold weather just fine (even though they are indoor cats, it does get a little chilly in my old house and a few times, I found LuLu laying right on the heating vent!). Cats are heat lovers, and I know they are happy that we've returned to more normal winter weather now. LuLu continues to be the quintessential lapcat, and Maria is still the Class Clown (almost everyday, she does something that makes me laugh!).



Like many people, my heart has been in Haiti this past week. I was happy to read this morning that a number of organizations have joined together to form ARCH (Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti). I remember when there were similar efforts after Hurricane Katrina, and a number of Katrina cats and dogs were rescued and brought to NC to be adopted by people here. I plan to make donations for both the people and the animals of that devasted country.

Several years ago, my cousin went to Haiti and brought me a beaded Haitian prayer flag. I'd seen these in folk art galleries and really liked them a lot. Mine is hanging in my hallway and I've been looking at it every day for years now, so I feel connected to that country and its art. It's hard to get my head around the level of suffering happening there now.

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Awww, thanks for providing me with this morning's dose of cuteness. Love their pensive and reflecting pose.

I'm heartbroken from seeing the devastation, the injured, the people who lost their lives and especially the children. The bishop in our diocese ordered a second collection in all parishes to support the efforts of the Catholic Relief Services in bringing food, water and medical aid to Haiti. I contributed to this collection and plan to make a contribution also to Doctors without Borders and to ARCH.

Hi Maria, glad to provide some morning cuteness! Maria the cat might look pensive but really, the wheels are turning in her little head...what can I get into next...

That is great that your church is joining in the rescue effort. Doctors Without Borders is on my list too; what a great organization.

I have been worried about you. Glad you are ok and have just been busy. I know what you mean about blogging. It is tough to get back into it after stopping for a while.

Love the updated photos of your two darling cats. They are both so beautiful and look so peaceful in these photos.

It is so heartbreaking to watch the horrible devastation and suffering the people of Haiti are enduring. I am glad to know that the animals are also being thought of and helped.

They are so adorable:) And yes, like your girls I am happy the winter here is more like Florida winter now.

It is so saddening the tragedy that overtook Haiti, it feels very close to me too. I am glad efforts are out together to help them.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, I always enjoy looking at photos of Lulu and Maria. They are so cute in these photos. It's good to know that ARCH is working hard to rescue cats and dogs affected by the tragedy in Haiti. They look like a great organization. I want to make a donation to ARCH to help them in their cause.

Thank you so much for sharing their link. And thanks for sharing your recent photos of Maria and Lulu. Have a great evening!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, me again... I forgot to say that I'm glad that your weather over there is warming up. I was listing to the news that past few weeks about the really cold weather you all were experiencing. I'm glad its a bit back to normal.

Also, that is a great story about the Haitian prayer flag that your cousin got for you. It's so great that there are a lot of people volunteering and contributing to the relief efforts.


Annie, I always love photos of the girls! LuLu looks so cute on her blanket, and Maria looks deceptively calm......

The tragedy in Haiti is unbelieveable, and it's good to hear that the animals aren't being ignored amidst the terrible suffering.

The girls are so cute. I laughed when you mentioned finding LuLu on the heater vent. My kitty also loves to lay on top when it gets cold.

What is happening in Haiti is so heartbreaking. It will take so much time to heal the country.

Love the updates of Lulu and Maria -- glad to see you are back! menehune

Thanks for your comments everyone.

Girasoli, thanks and I'm sorry you were worried! It is tough to get back into the routine (and I need to get my exercise habits back on track too).

Candi, that's right - you moved to Florida just in time for this record cold winter! Glad it's gotten more normal for you guys too. It's 60 degrees here in NC today - just beautiful.

Thanks Kathy! And I am hoping that I will be seeing some cat photos on your blog very soon. :)

Sandra, "deceptively calm" is perfect. While she has calmed down a lot, she had a lot of calming down to do! She's still not a lapcat (too busy for that) but every once in a while, she'll join LuLu and I on the sofa and take a snooze.

Menehune, thanks - good to hear from you too.


I know exactly what you mean about the blogging routine!! I haven't managed to really get back into the swing of it for months now. Have good intentions and then suddenly another whole week has gone by. Glad you found a moment to post this though, has brightened my day!

Love the photos of the girls, they are always so adorable. You can just see the mischief in Maria's eyes!

The devastation in Haiti wrenches my heart too. Was listening to my local CBC radio programming this morning, they were interviewing a Haitian woman who lives in Halifax...she'd just heard from her brother yesterday, who'd told her how people are walking out into the countryside to get away from the stench of dead bodies in Port au Prince. She said: "People are so lost. They don't know where they are going, or what they are doing. And now the violence is coming." Just so horrific. I hope food and supplies can be distributed in bulk soon, I gather there are so many logistical problems with ships unable to dock, and larger planes unable to land, etc. Glad to hear of ARCH, I must let Moira know about their efforts, she too is concerned about the animals' welfare.

Hi Anne, good to hear from you. Glad I'm not the only one whose good blogging intentions fall by the wayside. :)

My heart just sank when I saw this morning that they had another quake. I just can't imagine what it must be like to be there.


Super cute!!

Beautiful photos.

I know what you mean about cats being warmth seeking critters - imagine them in the north! LOL We often find them camped out in the warmest sections of the house i.e. RIGHT in front of the fireplace.

I LOVE the photos of your girls! They are so much company, aren't they?

Thanks for sharing them with us.

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