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PhotoHunt: Average


This week's theme is "Average."

An average, ordinary, very common wildflower. Nothing wrong with being average!


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Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend.


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Comments (16)

A beautiful shot! Agreed, nothing is wrong with being average.

Happy weekend!


I actually love to photograph this flower.

IMHO, nothing average about it. :D

It may be an average wildflower but it's very beautiful. Happy weekend.

Absolutely nothing wrong with being average when you are a little beauty like that flower! Happy weekend


It's early days (hours) yet in this Photo Hunt but already I'm getting the feeling that lots of Photo Hunters reckon that the average can be really pleasant (and pretty)! :)

average is sometimes beautiful. happy weekend.

I love the colors of wilderness... Your shot is surely not average I would say. Beautifully taken Annie. :)

We tend to overlook the average, just because it is. This photo elevates the average to the stunning. Nice one. :-)

There is nothing average about a smiling daisy.

Average? You think so? :) I don't find it average at all, and most certainly the photo isn't!

Wouldn't it be nice to be so pretty and still be considered average. Great take on the theme.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Scott at World’s Best Photography Blog

Average is a-ok - this is a great shot and a great take on this theme - a difficult one for me this week. m

For an average flower it is pretty incredible!

Gorgeous photo and flower. Great take on the theme. I just could not get inspired this week... Happy Weekend (what is left of it :)


Beautiful photo, Annie. The colours are so vibrant, and the flower just makes me smile :)

I so agree, Annie! To be average like this flower is a gift. ;-)

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