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Drinking Water Fountains in Venice

Found an interesting post on another blog with a map and a complete list of the locations of Venice's 70 or so working fountains with drinking water. Might be helpful info especially if you are traveling to Venice when it's hot. It's also interesting to look at the map - only four of them in the sestiere of San Marco? Seems strange.


People often ask me a couple of questions about Venice - do the canals stink and can you drink the water? The answers are no and yes (the water tastes great, I think).

Here's a contrast between getting water in Venice in the past (the vera da pozzo) and today (the fountain)~


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Oh, yea, I learned about the water fountains the first moment I set foot on San Marco! It was so hot out that everyone was lined up to fill their water bottles. So, every day, I made sure I brought my water bottle, too! And, yes, the water tastes fine! Very refreshing! :)


wonderful refreshing theme!

I too liked the water in Venice. Actually, we had our water bottles all over Italy and just filled them from the fountains, it was hard for me to justify paying money for water bottles when the fountains water tasted so good.


VERY useful info! We certainly filled our bottles from fountains whenever possible, much cheaper and greener than buying new bottles each time thirst strikes.

On a totally unrelated note...CAN'T WAIT to *meet* your new kitten!!! :)

I didn't know it was drinkable!! It's a good thing to know for my next trip in May!

Cool photos and post! I didn't realize the water was drinkable in Venice and Rome until a few years after I started visiting Italy. Interesting that there are 70 or so working fountains in Venice.

Hello! I'm the owner of the site you link to at the start of the post. Thanks for the link, and I'd just like to add that I made a follow-up post with files you can download onto a GPS unit, showing the location of each functional drinking fountain in Venice: http://www.navigamus.net/2010/03/google-earth-and-venice.

I was in Venice last week for the Redentore, and I tested it out. It sort of worked - the problem in Venice is that a strong GPS signal is quite hard to come by in the narrow calli.

As for there only being four in San Marco - there's at least one I know of (along the Fondamenta dei Giardini ex Reali - mere steps from the Piazza) that isn't on my map; it's the one in this photo. The dataset I used for the map is a few years old, and some fountains that were working then may not be working now (and vice versa).

Hi Kyle, thanks for stopping by and for sharing the info about your follow-up post. Hope you had a great trip to Venice for Redentore! I've never been to Venice in the summer but would love to experience that festa sometime.

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