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March Madness (and a few more looks at Joey)

Happy March! For the past couple of years, a group of Slow Travel bloggers have joined in a February “blog everyday challenge.” This year, the challenge is called “March Madness” and honestly, I've been waffling about whether or not I was going to join in this year. But thanks to Kim, I'm in and going to go for it. I figure that even if I only manage to blog five days a week over the next month, it will be an improvement. Plus, I’ve got lots of Venice photos I haven’t shared yet, so there will probably be a bunch of those. You can see the rest of the mad bloggers in the list on my sidebar.

I’m going to start off the month with a few more photos of my new kitten, Joey. He is such a doll and has proven to be a wonderful addition to the family, though it was a bumpy ride at first (but nothing unusual; cats hate change and I didn’t expect LuLu and Maria to welcome him with open arms).

His first visit to the vet~


The vet was teasing him about being in Maria's girly pink carrier. Joey didn't seem to mind. :)


Relaxing at home in the cat bed. He's got the most beautiful golden eyes. ~


Through my volunteer work the past few months, I’ve met so many cats that I’ve thought about adopting. It wasn’t an easy decision. I knew early on that I wanted to adopt a “least likely to be adopted” cat, which means a shy, handicapped, older, or black cat. Sadly, black cats are at the bottom of the desirability scale for many reasons and are usually the first to be euthanized at public shelters because it’s just assumed that no one will want them.

Luckily, my Joey ended up at a no-kill shelter where I met him and fell in love with his winning personality and affectionate nature. I had a feeling that a younger male cat would be the easiest to merge into my family, so I brought him home. LOTS of hissing and glaring from the girls at first. Maria surprised me by being terrified of him – she took one look at him when he first arrived and ran off to hide under the bed! Then later, when she smelled him on my shirt, she hissed at ME (god, I love that crazy cat!).

So I kept them separate for a week, put a lot of time into carrying their scents back and forth so they could get used to each other’s smells, let them have a few short supervised visits (hiss! glare!), and after about a week when the hissing began to dwindle off, I let Joey out of his safe room. Very shortly, the kitten had LuLu and Maria playing with him and running up and down the hall (I call Joey their new personal trainer). So it’s all worked out just fine; the three of them nap together on the sofa during the day and sleep in the bed with me at night. And it’s not any more trouble having three cats vs. two; the only challenge I’m having are the “food wars” because of course, Joey wants to eat their grown-up food and Maria wants his kitten food. :)

Joey is so glad to have a home and a family. Sometimes he looks at me with absolute adoration and gratitude in his eyes. I love him so much.

He has a cute white spot on his belly~


Making biscuits on my stomach~


Mom, let's play!


Surrounded by toys in the cat condo~


Happy March Madness! Oh and by the way, unless an absolute miracle happens, I won't be doing any "real" (ie, basketball) March Madness posts this year since my Tar Heels have completely and utterly crashed and burned this season. I can't whine too much since we HAVE won two National Championships in the past five years. :) But boy, it's been an ugly season of hoops this year.

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Joey is so very handsome -- I laughed aloud at his great eyes looking out of the pink cat carrier!

He looks as if he has completely made himself at home. Bravo to you for rescuing him (how ridiculous that people are still superstitious about black cats.)

Joey is so adorable! I especially love the shot of him in his bed.
I was wondering about the Tar Heels, sorry to hear they had a bad season. There is always a next year though:)
And I think I'll be doing a lot of one photo posts this March too.

Adorable!! I think he will be very happy in his new house with his new friends! I like the one on the carpet, he has a funny face :)
I hope Maria and Lulu are not too traumatized...
Take care,


Oh Joey is so cute, I could see how you fell in love with him. Sorry about your beloved Tar Heels!


That is some confident cat to use a pink crate proudly. :)

Thanks for your comments everyone.

Sandra, the superstition is part of it, for sure. A woman came to the Refuge interested in adopting and said that she could not adopt a black cat because her husband is terrified of them. Blew my mind! I also think that black cats don't photograph very well and so many people use the Internet to meet potential cats these days...

Candi, yes, there's always next year (the classic sports fan line!).

Thanks AnnaLivia. The girls are getting used to him, and I think they are starting to enjoy playing with him.

Sheri, thanks! It will be weird not having the Heels in the NCAA tourney this year.

Eden, he is very confident about his masculinity. :)

Adorable doesn't seem to describe him! He's so sweet. Interesting about black cats. I have always black cats as pets (one wasn't). Lilly, adopted from my daughter, was rescued from the NYSPCA - and my daughter picked her because she was the least 'likely' to be chosen - the Society thought someone had thrown her out a window. They had performed surgery on her hip. She had one side of her shaved at the time that Julie was viewing adoptees. She was a great choice as she keeps every one in the house entertained. Good luck with your brood!

M, he really is a sweet little guy. Loves to cuddle and be held. I remember seeing Lilly on your blog - that is so great that your daughter was also looking for a "least likely" cat to adopt!

What a gorgeous cat. Golden green eyes.

Hi Angie, thanks! Good to hear from you.


What a great story. I am so surprised to learn that black cats are considered undesirable - I love black cats!! Joey is just gorgeous. I'm so glad he is fitting in with the rest of the family! :)

Joey looks so sweet and handsome. His gratitude to you shows on his beautiful golden eyes. My son’s Elvis also loves to do biscuits. I can’t recall if he has a white spot on his belly but I’ll check him out soon.

You sounded like my daughter when you wrote that you sleep with the three cats. She slept with Spice, Elvis and Tux for many years. Love the “let’s play” photo.

Anne, I love black cats too. I feel sorry for them that they are so misunderstood.

Maria, thank you. Elvis is such a great name for a cat!

Joey is so cute. I am also surprised to hear that black cats are more undesirable. Amazing how quickly you were able to get Maria and Lulu to accept him. He looks very happy.

Very sorry to hear about your Tar Heels. Been there many times and know how you will be cheering them on just the same.

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