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Attenti !

When I was wandering around Torcello, I saw this "Beware of the Dog" sign on a house. I heard barking and kept on walking...


Pretty soon I saw the "scary" dog and had to laugh! He was barking loudly but also wagging his stubby little tail. Terrifyingly cute...


Then the next day when I was back in Venice, I was walking around looking for churches and shrines in the sestiere of San Marco, and saw this "Beware of the Cat" sign on the door of a house. This one really made me laugh. Didn't hear any meowing or hissing though, and saw no sign of the fearsome feline...


And then a couple of days later, I saw another "Beware of the Cat" sign on a calendar in a Venetian paper store window. This time the warning was in English! I really wanted to buy this calendar, but the store was closed.


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LOL > at the cute little dog that we need to be aware of.
I don't think I've ever seen a 'Be aware of cat" sign.


That cute little dog doesn't look too scary, but you never know!!! And the beware of the cat signs always make me smile!

Barb Cabot:

That is so funny! Love the kitty calendar too.


LOL,Annie. That dog is very cute.Maddie can sound ferrocious,but she is really afraid of her own shadow!


I so want a Beware of Cat sign now!!! Just thinking that a homemade cat calendar would be a great gift idea for my Moira, I could make one for her with photos of our cats.

What a cute doggie! I have a "Attenti al cane" ceramic sign inspired by a mosaic from Pompeii. I don’t remember seeing one for cats.

What a fun post, Anne! I'm sure you were quaking in your boots. :grin:

How cute! Great post...I have a tile from Capri with "Attenti al Gatto". Love a subdued sense of humor.

Being afraid of barking dogs of any size, I would have been trembling in my boots as they say but not so much from the cat, especially the cute cat on the calendar. How funny! Too bad the store was closed.

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