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Faces of Venice

On yesterday's post, blog friend LB left a comment saying, "I love the many faces of Venice!" which inspired me to scroll through my photos and find a few more. These sculptures of faces are all over the city - some are bizarre, some are beautiful, and all are rather mysterious and probably have great stories that I'd love to know.

Speaking of LB (The Lone Beader), she is in the midst of making a beaded painting of the Basilica di San Marco and you can follow her progress on her blog. It's incredible!





He/she is sticking his/her tongue out~



More to come (I was surprised how many of these I had).

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Comments (10)

Nice collection Annie! I would be curious to know where the second one is? Love all those venetian details!
Take care,

Thanks AnnaLivia. That one is in Cannaregio on Calle Zanardi, no. 4140. I read about it in Giordani and marked it on my map as something to look for if I was in that area. It's a nice one!

Wow! It is true they are all somehow mysterious. I love them!

Interesting collection! I'd love to know how all these faces came to be placed where they are and why they are there.

I saw a few grotesque heads last time in Venice, on the facade of Santa Maria dei Derelitti. They were hard to photograph because the calle was very narrow and crowded.

LB :

Thank you so much for mentioning me! These faces are wonderful! I think I love the second one best! :)

what an eye for detail you have. beautiful faces I wonder who were the sculptors that did the carving

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, this is a great collection with so many different expressions. It's so interesting. I love your friend's blog. She does beautiful work. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend.


Wonderful! The second-to-last one almost looks a little Mayan! I wonder if the sculptor had visited central America?

Great collection! I also love taking photos of these interesting faces and have always wondered about the stories behind each one. Great blog post! Am looking forward to seeing more of your collection.


Fantastic photos! That third one intrigues me. From being set into the wall, to the protruding brows to the askew hat (IS that a hat on the head, or just lopsided hair?!)

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