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Other Venices


The recent Venice recreation in Las Vegas is not an original nor modern idea. The city was rebuilt temporarily in London in the late 19th century by brothers Imre and Bolossy Kiralfy, “professional organizers of late Victorian spectacles” (Venice: The Tourist Maze).

These ambitious brothers built “Venice” on five acres inside the Olympia Exhibition Hall, and the "brilliant spectacular production" included hundreds of gondolas and singing gondoliers. The show ran for over a year and attracted as many as 30,000 paying visitors a day. I found these advertising posters in the Library of Congress archives.

And speaking of other Venices, there are some amazing photos of Legoland Venice on Flickr.



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Cool photos, Annie. They have Venice recreations all over the world it seems like. I was just reading an article a while back (can't remember where) that listed all the current "Venices" in the world.


Love the cool photos. I want to experience the Venice you love... someday.

Love those vintage posters! Where is Legoland Venice? It look amazing!

There is a little bit of Venice in Arizona, in the Hyatt in Scottsdale, with a canal and gondola rides.

Maria, I think that Legoland is in Germany maybe? Not sure but it's somewhere in Europe. Didn't know about Venice in Arizona!


A friend of mine, who loves Las Vegas, tries to tell me the Vegas Venice is "just like" real Venice. I say, in disbelief, uh huh, sure it is. Ain't nothin' like the real thing, baby! :)

Fun post - thanks!

Cool posters! I am amazed at how you were able to find these.

Loved the Lego photos also. The Lego people are so cute :) It must be fun building Venice out of Legos... although a lot of work also.

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