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Last year, I wrote about a Cannaregio shrine that's on the verge of being covered over by hanging ivy. Then in a little corte close to the Arsenale, I found this one that's completely overgrown with some kind of vine. I wish I'd had some gardening shears! I couldn't see inside the shrine, so I stuck my camera through the overgrowth and snapped and was surprised by what I saw when I looked at the camera screen.


Of course, there's a Madonna inside but this is another one of those family or neighborhood memorial shrines like the big blue one in Castello. Makes me sad that it's overgrown; I guess the people who took care of this one have died or moved away.



Update: Yvonne found this shrine open; click here for a look inside.

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Wow! I kind of like the look of the shrine in the middle of the vines.
The most likely explanation is that the people who took care of it are no longer there, but I also wonder if the vines were left to grow to provide privacy.

Good catch on this one, must have been really hard to spot.


The vines make it seem very mysterious....as you suggest, maybe the family somehow lost interest, or left town.

Was it indicated in your book on the venetian shrines? I'm sure I would have missed it! What an eye you have!
Have a nice week Annie!

Candi, I like your theory. Sandra, I agree that it looks very mysterious.

AnnaLivia, no I didn't have the Capitelli book yet when I found this one. I was looking for something else close to the Arsenale. I did check the book which has a photo of this shrine (without the vines growing over, though you can see the vines above it). It says that it's a humble and simple shrine, very typical of the working class neighborhoods around the Arsenale.


Oh how beautiful, and poignant. The photos look outdated...perhaps the family created the shrine and are now intentionally leaving it to age with their memories (?)

I kind of like that this shrine is very private and kept hidden by foliage. The black and white photos look like the type found at the cemeteries, on the tombs. I also believe that the "sweet abandon" of the shrine is due to the caretaker(s) not being around anymore.

Maria, it reminds me of the cemetary too. And I think you're right, it's possible that this family moved to the mainland and just isn't around the take care of this shrine anymore.

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