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Venice in 1911


A cool old photo showing the rebuilding of the campanile of San Marco which had collapsed in 1902. That wooden scaffolding looks very interesting. I checked the Venezia webcam today and it looks like they are still doing foundation work on the tower; it also looks like part of the Basilica is covered over. And so it goes.

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I love these vintage photos. Does it seem like they are always doing work on such places? Even though it bugs me to have to view sites under construction, I really appreciate the work that goes into preserving these amazing sites.


What a fabulous old photo! It is astounding, the fantastic effort Venice puts into saving these amazing structures.

LB :

That is a cool photo, and yes it is interesting how some things will always remain the same.


I wonder if these things were done more quickly then? The preservation projects go on for years. Bridge of Sighs;the Salute; the mediaeval clock tower; the Basilica and now the campanile foundations. I suppose we must be grateful that it's all being done.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, I also love that vintage photo. Seeing Venice in B&W is even more intriguing. I appreciate all the hard work that is done to preserve these historical and beautiful structures. Thanks so much for sharing and also for passing on the links.

Even though it annoys me to see all the scaffolding around I'm grateful of all the preservation work being done. The work on the bell tower was supposed to take 18-24 months. You and I guessed ( on the entry you linked) 3-4 years. It looks like we might be right…

Love the old photo!

Maria, I'll be curious to see how long it takes. We did guess that it would take longer than they said!

I love old photographs and this one is very cool. They always seem to be doing some type of construction in the Piazza. I wonder what is going on. The webcam is facing the opposite direction that there is some construction on the other buildings also.

Very cool photo! Is it just me or is the top of the campanile missing in this photo? Did they rebuild the entire campanile after the collapse? - DUH! I guess I should have clicked on your link first! WOW! A big pile of rubble. Amazing. I guess somehow I missed this bit of info or forgot.

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