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PhotoHunt: Addiction


This week's theme is "Addiction." Gonna be very interesting to see what folks come up with for this one!

American Junk Food. It's addicting but I seldom eat it any more. French fries occasionally but not from a place like this~ (and I've never had a deep fried oreo!).





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Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend. I'll be late visiting my fellow PhotoHunters but will get there as soon as I can.


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Yum!!! Makes me think of our Canadian National Exhibition, where there are many yummy treat stalls set up like these ones. Happy photo hunting and weekend :)


fries are indeed addicting, especially the ones from In-N-Out Burgers, but I don't have them often.

deep fried oreo is just not right, don't you think?

Those are fun shots. I've never had a deep fried oreo either. Kind of hard to imagine. Happy weekend.


How is it we get so addicted to things which are not so good for us? Deep fried oreos sound so weird!

Happy weekend to you.


Haven't had fries in ages! never heard of a deep friend oreo... fun take on the theme, happy weekend!

nice shots. those can be pretty addicting but i seldom take them anymore.


Fried Dough?? I hate to even imagine such a thing...I feel my arteries clogging just looking at these pics. Not that I'm casting aspersions on the customers of said junk joints...I can scarf down a big bag of potato chips with the best of 'em!

Have a great weekend!


Those places look cool -- not good for you but cool all the same! :)

Love your photos! There is a place nearby will do deep fried Mars Bars, but I've never had one - perhaps I should!!!

I'm immediately attracted to the colourful stalls! I would like a deep fried Oreo please! :)


Really easy to be a junk food junkie... for sure. Mine is up too.

Signs could have said "cholesterol" but who cares? Let's eat! :D

Deep Fried Oreos are showing up a lot this week!!! We agree, junk food is addicting.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Eck! I don't think I could eat one of those any more than a deep fried twinkie. But great interpretation of this week's theme. Hope you have a great weekend.



i like your own interpretation of addiction , your right alot of us are really addicted to junk food

come and check out my addiction on my sari blog, come join if you feel inspired.


Great take! It is interesting to see what everyone has come up - I was less enlightened..have a good one!

Burger chain fries are pretty foul I find. I alway preferred the chunkier ones you get from the chip shop.

I love your photos for this theme!

Barb Cabot:

Really great shots...has a Fellini-esque quality. I have never had a deep fried oreo but had a part of a deep fried twinkie! OMG I cringe.

Kathy (trekcapri):

Hi Annie, great photos and take on this week's theme. Junk food is definitely an unpleasant addiction. The stands are so colorful and cool looking though. I think I would pass on the deep fried oreos too.

Hope you have a wonderful week.

I used to love eating fried dough but deep fried oreos? That is just wrong! What a way to ruin the chocolate. Reminds me of the donut hamburgers (donuts as the bun with a hamburger in the middle) that have been the new junk food thing. I will stick with eating yummy strawberries and gelato for my fix :)

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