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PhotoHunt: Covered


This week's theme is "Covered."

I've got this theme covered with a few shots from Venice, Italy. Venice is a city that's covered with art, not just in museums and churches but in outdoor public areas too.

First is a covered street (the Ruga degli Orèfici) in the Rialto Market area. The arcade above is covered with frescoes. During the day, all the shops along this street are open and there are tons of people. I took this photo late at night when it was very quiet and deserted.


There are sacred images all over Venice, embedded in the walls of buildings. Here are a couple of statues that are covered with little umbrella-type things to protect them. You can see the Roman numerals MDCXXXI on the building (year 1631).



You can find more Photo Hunters and join the hunt here.

Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend.


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Comments (26)

Beautiful photographs from Venice. Nothing better than a place that's covered with art. Happy weekend.


Thank you for covering Venice in this theme of covered.

In Valletta Malta as well, every corner block has a religious statue.


Great images for the theme, the first one is just breathtaking!


How interesting! I've never noticed statues protected by these little covers. How clever of you to find these!

Wow! Look at those ceiling. Amazingly artistic! I love it! :)

Wow I love your take on this week;s theme. Beautiful!

I've seen those umbrella-type coverings...but I bet they do the job. Very cool!

Nice venetian variation!
Have a great weekend!


All those statues with the little covers.. that is so interesting. I never noticed them before. Perfect photos for this weeks theme!

I just love visiting your blog... Giving me a taste of Venice. Lovely!

Venice is lovely indeed. nice choices!


Your blog really is about far more than Churches in Venice -- and I thank you for covering so much. :)

What a wonderful take on the theme! Wonderful shots.

Venice is such a beautiful city to visit, i was there last month. love the architecture and art of the museums and buildings.

This is cool take for the theme....Happy hunting.

Beautiful photos, I loved the one in the Rialto market, and the umbrellas over the carvings, how unique. I can hardly wait to get there. I will make sure to visit the market and view that ceiling. Have a happy weekend.


Beautiful, all of them! Love that covered street!

Venice is such a great city you can COVER almost and theme there and as you said you definitely have this theme COVERED.

I love the first photo - the night lighting really shows of the frescoes.



what a great interpretation of the theme today, very creative and colorful, i love the rialto market, so historic

Great take once again.

Great shots as always! I can't wait to 'check out' Venice again in June.

Great choices for the theme this week! Love all 3 photos! Those are such a cool little sculptures with the umbrellas.

Barb Cabot:

I love the photos you chose for this theme.

Great shots for the theme, Annie. Ah, I've been feeling so behind on blogging, but it just seems computer is not a high priority for me right now. I hope to get back into it soon.

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