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PhotoHunt: Memorial


This week's theme is "Memorial."

One from Venice and one from North Carolina this week.

This memorial relief says "Ai Caduti di Tutte le Guerre" which translates to "For the Victims of All Wars." There are outdoor sculptures and reliefs all over Venice, but this one is unusual in that it's modern (dated 1964).

memorial in venice

And here in NC - there's something very poignant about these little roadside memorials. My heart goes out to the families who create these shrines. It also reminds me to drive safely.


You can find more Photo Hunters and join the hunt here.

Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend. Happy Memorial Day to those who celebrate it (three-day weekend, woo hoo!).


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Comments (19)

Those roadside memorials must be very touching to see. My heart also goes out to the families left behind. A painful loss is hard to endure.

Great choices for the theme. Those roadside memorials get to me too. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


both wonderful takes. i especially am fond of the first one.

happy weekend.


Good contrasting takes on the theme. The wee roadside memorials tug at the heart, and yes remind us all to drive carefully.

The Italian memorial is beautiful. Great!. The roadside memorials are so tragic. An excellent take on this week's theme


Those roadside memorials are so touching.

That is indeed a very modern piece for Venice.

Happy weekend to you.

beautiful choices! like you this simple memorial in your 2nd pic is heart wrenching.

the relief is beautiful. the roadside memorial is a sad sight, and yes, a great reminded t drive carefully.

both are great memorials. Happy Memorial day. hope you enjoy your holiday weekend.

It always breaks my heart to see such memorials by the roadside too.

Roadside memorials always upset me! I pass one in particular on my daily drive to work! But they are a wonderful reminder to other drivers to be ultra careful! And that memorial relief in Venice is very beautiful!

Two great ideas for the theme.

I am lucky I get a extra day so I am having a 4 day weekend.


I can feel the sorrow of the families left behind. May they rest in peace.

I'm a bit late, but here is my entry -

Mariposa's PhotoHunt


Very appropriate photos!

I am late to the game, but mine is finally up: http://www.slowtrav.com/blog/eden/

I like both choices. The roadside one is interesting - so maintained and sad.

The first memorial is insteresting. The second one makes me sad. Whenever I drive past one of those roadside memorials I always wonder about the story that played out there. You're right, a good reminder to drive carefully!

Sorry I'm late getting to your PhotoHunt post. I'm with you on the little roadside memorial. Great take on the theme and I hope you have a great weekend.

Both are great photo choices. The roadside memorials emote a lot of emotion. I always say a prayer when I pass one. Thanks for sharing. m

Interesting that the Italian memorial is so new. It always makes me so sad when I see one of those memorials along the road, wondering about the person who died and the person's family & friends.

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